Pet Grooming Hair Dryer Reviews

Bonnlo 2800w step-less adjustable speed pet grooming hair dryer with heater quick blower for dogs cats-4 different nozzles (single motor) (yellow).

Why should you choose pet grooming hair dryer?

As we all know, pet hair is not easy to dry in a short time. So this Bonnlo Portable Dog Cat Pet Grooming Blow Hair Dryer is used to dry excess water off pet fur. It is an excellent idea for domestic and salon use. Equipped with high-quality copper motor, its total power is up to 2800W. Low power consumption, energy saving, and environmental protection, it will be a good helper for you. What is more , it features waterproof function, so you can use it anytime you want. Hair bathing and trimming contribute to your dog having a healthy body. Bathing and grooming is only effective when the dog has a dry coat and not tangled, maybe you have to spend a long time drying the hair. Skin and fur diseases among pets are mostly related to hair not dried. Humid hair is the cause of diseases such as scabies, dermatitis, fungi. Dog hair dryer is one of the pet supplies needed to help your 4-legged friends become dry quickly after bathing. This is a specialized dryer that is sold in most pet stores.


It very useful with step less adjustable speed and heating buttons. Wind airflow speed can be changeable from 25M/S to 60M/S. You can change its airflow within this range according to your needs. The heating buttons can control wind temperature. It can blow out hot wind faster, even in cold winter. Besides, this upgraded pet grooming dryer uses the noise reduction device. Compared with the previous generation, the noise will be controlled at 50-70db. That is a tested range that your pet can adapt.

It comes with 4 air outlets. Four different nozzles have four different functions. Especially the nozzle like the comb, it's a great choice for anyone who wants to make your pet unique. A handle with an insulated design is to protect your hand from scalding. Four silicone legs prevent your pet dryer from moving in a wet place. And the most special thing about this machine is saving time and effort, the power of the pet dryer is 2400W. Also, its range of temperatures is between 30℃ and 70℃. It can improve the efficiency and save much time when you use it to blow your pet's body.


Bonnlo pet grooming dryer adopts noise reduction device to minimize the noise as much as possible, but it is not without any sound. You do not hold too close to your pet's fur when using the pet dryer. It could get burned because of too high temperature. Strictly speaking, the closer the hair dryer to your pet's fur, the hotter it will feel. The temperature will vary with distance.


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