Pet Absolute Pet Bamboo Comb Reviews

Pet absolute pet bamboo comb, rakes hair shedding kit grooming tool trimmer for dogs and cats, short to long hair-dramatically reduces shedding.

The pet grooming shedding brush and comb recommended by vets and pets. Dogs and cats love to be groomed with the Pet Absolute grooming brush set. Designed to be comfortable for you and your pet, our professional tools give you the results you want without any of the pain that can come with detangling difficult knots, mats, or tangles.

Brushing your pet's hair doesn't just make their coat look and feel nice, but it's great for their skin, too. Our brushes will increase the shine of your pet's hair with regular brushing, whether they have long, short, curly, silky, or wire coats.

Surpassing feature.

Dog hair comb Pet Absolute is an efficient tool to unravel hair pet. With a compact design, comb’s teeth are made of high-quality stainless steel, not harmful to pets. The comb is made of high quality, non-slip wood when you handle. Make it reliable when using, this product is suitable for long coat pets.

It provides high efficiency, you will surprised atthe fact that it effectively reduces shedding by up to 90% in a few minutes. Firstly we use the comb to untangle knots, then we use the deshedding brush. This comb gently removes loose hair and eliminates tangles, knots and trapped dirt. it can help you quickly deal with pet hair knotting problems without hurting pet. It has the best high quality- 3cm/1.18" tangles blade with 41 long flanks for stubborn mats and eco-friendly bamboo hand give you the assurance that you are buying the best tool for your pet.

This is designed to be comfortable, strong and durable. Its accessories have ergonomic handles with non-slip rubber to make brushing your pet's hair easy and comfortable. And with humanized comb, which will not make your pet feel painful, comfortable and easy to use. Comfortable handle, Open knot comb handle, ergonomically designed, comfortable and easy to grasp. In addition, It especially addresses the issue of the undercoat, which can become a dense mess of loose, dead hair and the major source of shedding, prevent allergy. Removing your pet's dead hair for a healthy coat, increasing blood circulation and leaves your pet's coat soft and shiny.

Grooming brush including :

1. Works greatly for cats, dogs, and other furry pets

2. Will gently remove hair for effective de-shedding

3. Features rotated pins in the comb for extra comfort

4. Uses ergonomic bamboo handles for comfortable, lightweight grooming

5. It is eco-friendly thanks to the sustainable bamboo material we use


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