PERTTY Three Sided Pet Toothbrush Reviews

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It's simpler and more convenient for pets to brush their teeth, and it is more effective for them to brush their teeth easily.

Dental hygiene is so important when you are brings up a puppy so you should choose a very kind toothbrush to protect their teeth and gum. I would like to recommend to you a dog toothbrush I feel so good with three sided useful. Dog teeth is quite sensitive so you should buy for them a soft side brush heads and good elastic to prevent dental wound for your puppy. PERTTY toothbrush has three soft sided brush heads, it makes more easy and effective to brush for them. So you also don’t worry about the brush heads is too soft, it can’t clean totally but this toothbrush is reasonable.  The design of toothbrush is in line with dog's oral structure, which is more comfortable and safer. Brush head part is small size so you can clean their teeth easily. This toothbrush designed very special for only pets, 3 brush heads make brushing time shorter and make pets more comfortable. A clean mouth helps pets' health and helps their owners' health.

Besides, the design of the handle is made of rubber, which can better grasp the toothbrush, and it is not easy to slide and fall off. Material includes PP, TPR and nylon. Rubber and plastic are used in the handle part makes it more firm but no harm to pets, better grip and better clean the pet mouth. Package includes 2 pc with 2 colors, 1 orange and 1 blue.

But I see it works better for dogs like poodle, fox, Chihuahua, poneranian, pug, bull, corgi who are medium sized and don't have a huge mouth. The way this brush is constructed definitely makes it easier to do a more thorough cleaning than conventionally shaped brushes will. I really adore this dog toothbrush.


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