Pawstruck Natural Cow Hooves for Dogs Reviews

Cow Hooves are healthy dog dental treats that your pup will have a blast chewing on.

Pawstruck Natural Cow Hooves are super tasty treats for dogs of any shape or size. This is a universal favorite for pups of any breed. If you think about it, it's a bit funny that dogs love to chew on cow hooves so much. After all, what's so delicious about a cow's hoof, anyway

Natural Beef Dog Chew

This cow hooves are completely natural dog chews from real cows. This means it never uses any sort of hormones, no artificial preservatives, additives, or chemicals at any point in this product. It's free from common allergens, like corn, grain or soy. Cleaned and baked to lock in flavor. These Cow Hooves for dogs are made from free - range and grass-finished beef. Since beef cow hooves are hollow, feel free to fill them with whatever you think your dog will enjoy. I’ve filled cow hooves with peanut butter or yogurt, and my puppy absolutely loved it. Throw the peanut butter filled cow hoof in the freezer and let the filling start to harden. The firm texture and cold temperature is sure to keep your dog busy even longer.

Naturally Improves Dog Dental Health

Chewing this product helps to naturally remove harmful plaque and tartar leading to healthier pearly whites and better smelling breath. Cow Hooves Keeps your dog smiling brightly, naturally. Each cow hoof dog chew is hand-trimmed and thoroughly cleaned before being slowly cooked to lock in its natural flavor. Because of of the cow hooves are hard texture, it helps to cleaner gums and teeth. These natural dog dental chews improve overall dog dental health. One step closer to sparkly white teeth.

These all-natural dog treats are long-lasting, full - sized, and are a great alternative to rawhide. Before roasting each of our cow hoofs for dogs, I take the time to carefully trim and thoroughly clean them ensuring a premium low - odor meal that my dog will love.

I recommend supervision at all times when feeding any natural chews especially if this chew is new to your dog. Because of the hard nature of this product, hooves may splinter or break particularly with canines that have an aggressive chew style. Improper chewing of any hard chew can cause dental damage.


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