Paradise Group Grass House Toilet Reviews

Paradise Group Indoor Puppy Dog Pet Potty. This dog lawn is an ideal solution for your puppy training.

Training a dog should be as soon as possible, A puppy will easily learn exercises and easily form a better habit. the mature dog took shape from a habit about all physiological activities of their body, and the habit rooted in their subconsciousness deeply, so it is difficult to rehearse. So we should train them when they were a child. When it's time to train your puppy, turn to something a little more realistic with the Paradise Group Grass House Toilet. The perfect place for pets to " shit " when your puppy can’t go outside, this mat and tray system mimics the real look and feel of grass—which is where all dogs prefer to do their business. When your dog does not go outside in bad weather, it is a place to relieve. It is weather proof and sanitary, you may leave it on outside balcony and patio.

- This grass house potty made of high-quality PP, PE material, it does no harm to pet health, can hold a lot of liquid, and keep your dog warm and comfortable. It is non-toxic and easy to clean with warm soapy water. Your pet will love to dance on the top layer of artificial grass. Waste will drain through the second layer, and collect in the bottom tray. Allowing for a quick and simple cleanup effort. Besides, it’s Properly house break them in a fun and positive manner, to keep them happy and encourage proper behavior. This grass house toilet long-lasting and durability, becase of featuring strong, durable, leak proof plastic. This potty trainer is sure to last even for the busiest pet.

- Paradise group grass house toilet is antimicrobial and odor resistant to keep your indoor space fresh and clean, too. The two-layer system works by sitting the mat on top of the plastic insert, which allows the liquid to drain into the included tray for easy cleanup. The artificial turf gives off an organic scent that attracts dogs to use it, encouraging your pup to go potty exactly where you want them to. Mimics the real look and feel of grass to recreate their natural environment and further encourage use.


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