Owpawz Pet Hair Dye Gel Bright Reviews

This hair dye gel is a great hair dye product for dog with fun shade, semi-permanent and permanent dye, it completely non-toxic safe for dogs, multiple colors available.

Pet Hair Dye style.

OPAWZ is a pet hair dye non-toxic and gentle semi-permanent colors for pets not containing ammonia or peroxide. It is best suitable for white haired coat type. Colors will last longer for fine and soft-haired coat type pet such as Bichon and Poodle, whose colors will wash away around 10 washes. For wirehaired coat type colors will wash away more quickly. This product is not long-term commitment that gradually washes out around 8 or 10 washes for most coat types. Owpawz Pet Hair Dye Gel Bright gives your pet an exquisite and superior coloring results in just 20 minutes. Colors will vary depending upon the hair color for the light brown & light gray haired coat type without off-putting smell. Coloring results may vary  with coat type and breed. You shouldn’t use on dark haired coat type. Besides, It can be used on breed such as cat and horse, etc. safe to use on dog’s older than 6 months.

Each tube contains 4 oz of gel - Tube makes it super easy to use, tube style dispensing makes hair dye process easy and more fun with right and fun colors for stylish pet. It was designed new body style, just squeeze the tube to dispense the dye, no mess.

How to use

if dog hair getting dirty and greasy you need to wash their hair and shake it before opening. After that spread all over the skin area where you want and wait for 10-20 minutes. Clean by fresh water and dry their hair. The result may be varied toward each of fur and species.

Be careful, Do not use hair dye on dog which has sensitive, irritated skin or injury. Do not lick and contact eyes and mouth. You immediately have to wash the eyes with clean water if it happens. You shouldn’t dye on dog under 6 months. If this is the first time using OPAWZ dog dye, try 48 hours on a small area before dyeing.  If your dog was allergic, stop using it and refer to veterinary recommendation.

Do not use human hair dye to dye your pets, the dog has a habit of licking their hair so it really toxic if entering the body.


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