Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Toy Reviews

Dog puzzle toy is great for sensitive tummies & provide much-needed exercise. Alleviate boredom and help prevent anxiety.

Owing to the puzzle feeder unique design It’s fun. It’s a challenge your dog needs. Outward Hound Dog Puzzle Toy fight boredom, help reduce destructive behaviors & exercise your dog’s mind. It's hidden & seek with treats, and dogs love it.

Dog smart puzzle

Dogs are smarter than you think. Sometimes we just need to teach them! Leave some compartments uncovered for your dog to gain interest. In the beginning, make sure the tall end of the bones are facing out so it is easier for your dog to remove. Use really tasty treats that your dog can smell - cheese, soft training treats or peanut butter work well! To get the most out of your Nina Ottosson Games, extra tips and tricks are included in the box.

At the beginning, you should let him play level 1 game (easy level- perfect for pets to gain interest and prepare for puzzles to come) . That is great for introducing your pup to puzzles and games and preparing them for more challenging Level 2 (intermediate level- combine actions to retrieve treat rewards in different ways ) & 3 ( advanced level - challenge your dog by requiring a series of steps to each reward) games. If your dog complete basic level, you can make it slightly more challenging by flipping the pieces around. There’s a small hole in each piece so the dog can smell what is (or isn’t) inside. Because this treat puzzle dog toy provides fun physical & mental stimulation, so your dog will become smart little by little. My Titi at first it took him 20 minutes now it takes him 8 but that's because the pieces have loosened up and he figured out easier ways to slide it. It is plastic and i did worry he would chew or break it because he is an aggressive chewer but he's pretty soft about playing with this and uses his nose to move the parts. He’s a sniffer.

Reduce boredom

Especially, 9 removable treat compartments will keep your dog busy and challenged while teaching them problem-solving skills & redirecting destructive behaviors. It makes feeding fun and interactive. Puzzle toy can be used to feed your dog dry kibble for an engaging mealtime.  Easy to clean by hand wash with soap and water, rinse and dry


Noisy if your dog manhandles it

Moves all over the floor

Slobber can make the pieces difficult to handle (or just gross)

Takes a little time to set up

Supervision needed


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