Onpiece pet hair vacuum cleaner Reviews

You really like bring up a pet but don't have much time for them? Pet Hair Remover Brush is a specialized tool for dog will decrease your concerned. It has many superior performance suitable for dog, cat, or other pet with hair. 100% brand new and high quality. Onpiece pet hair vacuum cleaner is designed to get your entire home clean and hair free, even in the most hard-to-reach areas.

For every family which feeding the pet, this is a troublesome problem for cleaning up, due to pet hair off from his body be scattered in every corner of the home. Now there is a useful product for pet hair which can help you easily suck off their fur. When sucked off to pet hair, it will not hurt your lovely pet, and can be sucked pet hair on clothes, let you be no longer afraid of wearing dark trousers, can also be easily and quickly sucked hair and dust from the ground.


The machine’s output capacity not too strong but it is enough to suck all the loose hair and dust.

Gentle care of your pet's hair and keep your pet well – groomed. This brush is designed the safety torque motor is quiet and safe. Pressure on the impeller will stop the motor, keeping fingers and tails safe. Easy clean assembly with screw on head and impeller cap and slip on impeller

This machine is very convenient because it is both a dog hair removal tool and a massage tool for your dog. Soft rubber head can also give pet massage. It is easy clean assembly with screw on head and impeller cap and slip on impeller and large hair collection canister, neatly traps the removed hair to allow for easy cleanup. Pet hair remover brush not just for pet grooming, but also great for cleanups of bedding, sofa, and car seats.


Power supply: 3 pcs AA battery (Batteries are not included in the item)

Material: ABS body + rubber head

Dimension: app. 19cm x 11 cm / 7.48 ''x4.33''

Color: Gray

Quantity: 1 Pc

Package includes:  1 x Pet Hair Remover Brush and 1 x Manual.


Do not touch rotating fan or insert fingers into the fan compartment when the shed pal is switched on.


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