Mondou online pet store in CANADA

MONDOU is a Canadian one of the leader in the distribution of products, services, treats, cleanliness and accessories for the health and well-being of pets and small animals such as Dog, Cat, Bird, Horse, Rabbit, Fish and others.

The company currently has more than 65 stores throughout Quebec, as well as a chief distribution center. Joseph Émilien Mondou established it in 1938. Mondou wants to deliver the best quality and value of products and services for your furry or feathered friend. For more than 80 years in this field, they have acquired a best deal of expertise in caring for animals. How to take care of your friend you can take a brief look on website and blog. There are many advises of guides, tips and tricks, behavior, nutrition, hygiene for your friend.

You will find everything for your pet has ever dreamed of badly in need at Mondou.

-         A whole range of good diet balanced, nutritious foods and a wide variety of options of safety accessories designed and personalized advice just for your pets. How about foods, there are many kinds of food such as dry food, wet food, draw and dehydrated food, frozen food, so on. About treats for your pets are a dental treat, cookies, dehydrated and other treats. And do not worry there are many safety accessories and cleanliness for your pets: Cages and Accessories, Bowls, Containers, Fountains, Leashes, Collars, Harnesses, Toys, Odors and Cleaners, Shampoos, Training pads.

-         Good at prices but keep good quality ever and you can earn big rewards to benefit your pets on the Câlin points program on next purchase.

-         Not only provide a good product at a good price but also offer free services at many Mondou stores, as below:

Nail-Trimming service

Many pet owners are afraid of hurting the cat or dog and nail trimming is really an important part of your pet’s grooming routine. That is why you should come and try Mondou’s good service. They offer free, professional claw clipping at their stores (by appointment only). Your animal will be in safe because their professionals know all the right techniques and most of them are studying to become certified animal health technicians (AHT) or veterinarians. If you want to do it by yourself, you can buy Kwik Stop, Safari and Millers Forge at store and starting take care carefully them.

Doggie Wash service

If you have no much time and want to keep your bathroom clean and dry but your pet needs a good bath. With many years of experience and countless clients, you can trust in their self-serve doggie wash facilities and best of all, it is free to use them. Do not forget to bring along your favorite pet grooming products, such as natural shampoo, towels and a brush. Your furry friend will be all fluffed up and springtime fresh in no time! Or you can buy them at the store; you will need Espree, O’select, Beonebreed and Le Salon as well.

Pet Scale service

To keep in shape and choose the right food for your pets, at Mondou, bring in your dog to be weighed for free without an appointment. Here is the best choice for your pets help to manage an ideal weight: Science Diet, Pro Plan, Royal Canin. You can check it out for right formula.

A transactional website where you can shop for your pet in the comfort of your home with a click, you can easily find a store nearby your place and free delivery for each order more than $79.

Do not feel hesitate to check it out the best product and service at the store with high-quality ranking by private reviewers.


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