Kyjen Tail Teaser with Refill Reviews

Lure in the fun with tail Teasers. This chasable, tuggable luring toy provides exercise and entertainment indoors & out. Featuring a durable nylon cord and flexible pull, this toy is a lot of fun. On your mark, get set, chase.

It allows your puppy dog to exercise their nature prey drive. Chase and tug action will keeps your dogs entertained. Nylon pole prevents you from touching a slobbery squeaker

Lure toys can be used to distract dogs on walk and it is a novel toy with convenient operation, which will bring you a lot of funs in outdoor activity with your lovely dogs. An easy way to keep your dog happy and healthy in less than 15 minutes a day.

This dog-training toy can satisfy curiosity and reduce anxiety of your dog as the healthy exercise. It also Can be used indoor when weather is bad.

Tail Teaser offers great exercise and help tire out active dogs. A great interactive outside toy, it helps to premote mutual communication between your lovely pet and you during playing. Funny toy for all sizes of dogs, can be regarded as a training tool and provides the physical exercise dogs need.

Great for training and teaching release commands. Extendable collapsible pole, easy to carry and storage. Working greatly as a training tool and providing the mental exercise dogs need.Replacement tail is provided, totally two tough rope tails. No need to worry about replacement, it's a wonderful choice especially for the aggressive chewers. Moreover, it’s light - weight, convenient to carry and easy to operate. The length of the dangler keeps little fingers far away from sharp claws, preventing accidental scratching wherever possible.

But you should pay your attention on

This is a catch and release toy designed for exercising you dogs mind and body not for your dog to pull your arm off playing tug. Do not try to push out the rope from the dog's mouth when your dog is chewing, so as to prevent any danger. When the dog pulls too much for the rope, you may better change the direction.

You should be awared that dogs like chewing the toys and they have great strength. It is not like human beings, when they chew the toys, they can hold the toys in their mouth very tightly. The elastic maybe break if misused.


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