Know more about hip dysplasia disease

When the owners see some signals like the toe of their dog develops abnormally, the right back leg muscles show signs of shrinking,…etc.

This is a common medical condition in many breeds of dogs, also called hip dysplasia and it causes a lot of inconveniences in life.

1.    Which are lifespans that often cause hip dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia usually occurs during the development of dogs (4-24 months). Dogs get sick due to the deviated growth of the hip joint, causing the femoral head to be under pressure. The fluid is dry, the cartilage is abraded. Dogs suffer from chronic synovial fluid, and the body weakens and muscle atrophy occurs. Serious illness can interfere with normal dog walking. According to statistics, 1 out of 5 dogs will be infected. The main reason is due to genetics, obesity or excessive exercise.

2.    The main reasons to get hip dysplasia

Obesity: Affected dogs often feel pain when walking. Makes them very afraid to move, often lying in one place. Sedentary dogs, while still fully absorbed, are easily obese. When the dog is obese, the pressure gets heavier on the joints. Accelerate the erosion of articular cartilage and make the problem worse.

Excessive exercise: puppies in an incomplete developing stage of the joint and bone system. Especially for large-sized dogs like Great Dane, Rotweiller, Doberman ... If you train dogs too much, it can damage the joints. Causing the thigh joint to develop abnormally.

Genetics: if a father or mother dog carries a disease gene, the puppy is at high risk of getting sick. Dogs that are bred or inbreeding. Pure breeds are more susceptible to disease than hybrid dogs.

3.    The treatment of hip dysplasia

For dogs with mild hip dysplasia, weight loss for dogs at home should be carried out. If the dog does not feel pain, you can give him a moderate amount of exercise. So control dog weight. Help slow the development of the disease.

You can use some painkillers that do not contain stimulants. When using the medication, follow your doctor's instructions. Note that the drugs must not harm the liver, does not affect the hormones of dogs.

Drug treatment can take a long time. Combine the addition of good trace elements for bone. Works to promote the regeneration of cartilage and bone cartilage. When using it, consult a specialist.

Swimming is a good form of exercise for dogs. Help reduce joint cartilage abrasion. Support effective treatment. For dogs with serious illness, go swimming twice a day for 1-1.5 hours.


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