Know more about dog's comb

Dog comb is an indispensable tool when taking care of the dog. However, many owners don’t know how to choose the strategy or how to use it. That is the reason why people should read this review to know more things about dog’s comb:

1.    Why should the owners grooming dog coat?

Regular grooming for puppies helps remove coat loss on their bodies. Not only that, the brushing of the coat helps the hair not stick on the floor, helping the house cleaning work does not take much time.

Dog grooming regularly helps regulate the amount of oil in their skin, making the hair smooth and providing the necessary moisture.

Brushing your dog can help you check their health status: easily observe the skin area (whether there is a fungus, ticks or not).

It is okay for short-haired dogs, but for dogs with long coats, brushing is essential. Doing so will prevent sticking and clumping in the coat. Reducing the number of parasites, bacteria reside in the fur.

Brushing the dog helps them reduce the feeling of tension and relaxation.

2.    How to use the brush comb?

Currently, in the markets, there are many types of combs for dogs. Choosing the right brush for your dog makes them feel more comfortable. In addition to choosing the right type of comb, the proper brushing way is also something you need to consider. Below are the correct grooming steps:

Step 1: Use gloves to remove the coat for dogs, remove the fur loss of puppies.    

Step 2: Use the untangle comb, separate the tangled feathers, use scissors to cut out the iridescent flakes. This step you should do very carefully, brush each small place, turn the fur evenly so it will not make your dog hurt. In this step, you must brush the hair from the head, the eyebrows, the neck, the back, the chest to the 4 legs of the dog.

Step 3: Use a thicker tooth comb to brush the dog. This type of comb will help the puppy's fur grow more and not be sticky. While grooming your dog, you should pay attention to brushing along the direction of the coat that grows or combs straight (not combed back). Choose a soft tooth comb to brush your dog's hair (avoid scratching your dog's skin).

Step 4: Nourish your dog's coat, after you have brushed your dog's fur, you should apply balm to your dog's fur. This will make your puppy's coat softer, sticky and remove the bad smell on their fur.

3.    How to choose the right comb for a dog?

The owners should use a comb with a handle because it will be easier to brush the dog.

Choose the right comb for your puppy's fur.

Don't choose cheap combs (very dangerous for your dog's health).

Choose the comb of famous brands and be trusted by many people.

Choose a type of comb with a soft bristled head, should not choose a hard head type (the first type is easy to scratch the skin of a dog, easily lead to infection in dogs).

Choose the size of the comb to match the size of your dog.


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