Joytale’s Turtleneck Flower Studded Pet Dog Sweater Apparel Reviews

The Dog Sweater is a delightful knit dog sweater pattern popping with flower and cozy cuteness.

Your four-legged friend will love flaunting her new knit sweater pattern every time you take her around the block. Make your pooch fashionable on the block with Joytale’s Turtleneck Dog Sweater.

I love the detail of this sweater, some flowers make her look so cute. I purchased the pink in the smallest size XS and it fits perfectly on my little girl. It very soft, kept her warm and comfortable. Seem this is the most adorable sweater that she loved.  As a mom, I’m very impressed with the quality and durability of the material. Not only it is high quality but she also can move around easily. So I highly recommend this sweater.

With the Joytale line up of indoor and outdoor apparel, your pal can sport the hottest looks even in the chilliest weather. These cool styles are perfect for when you're going out and about or just hanging out at home with your pooch. The comforts for both pet and their owner are always Joytale first consideration.

Easy to put on your pal for a comfy, snug fit thanks to the pullover design. Pink princess knit sweater matching with white flowers inlaid with pearls. Reigning a fashionable look for the winter. Features a warm knit design with a rolled turtle neck for added warmth.

Available in different sizes so you can find the right fit for your pooch or kitty.

You totally can dress up your pooch or kitty in this sweet fashion staple whenever you’re going out or enjoying a cozy night in. This sweater bring a feeling luxuriously soft to the touch and looks just as stylish.


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