Husky - Ways to treat diseases

Husky often suffer many kind of diseases based on the living condition and health. Here are the causes, manifestations and ways to prevent them may be accompanied by seizures.

How to prevent it: In the winter, you should pay attention to drying the hair immediately after bathing. When the weather suddenly changes, for example, from cold to hot, try to keep the temperature around Husky always cool. If your dog has ever had a cold, you should pay more attention to avoid getting the disease recurring. Should learn about the symptoms of disease, recognize the disease to promptly treat.


Cause: Husky is only weak or has rabies in the hot summer. The cause is caused by rabies virus . This is an acute infectious viral disease of the central nervous system leading to certain deaths.

Expression: Initial manifestations of Husky dogs with rabies:

·       Abnormal behavior such as growling, barking at strangers or relatives.

·       Likes to lie in the dark.

·       The heavier manifestations will be unprovoked attacks on people and animals, watery, unsettled moods.

·       Gradually, it can be difficult and slow to stand. You can even paralyze four legs without going.

Prevention: The most effective way to prevent this disease is to get a regular rabies vaccination for Husky dogs about once a year. At the same time, even if Husky has been vaccinated, you should muzzle them whenever you go out. For your safety and those around you.

Digestive diseases

Cause: It is possible that Husky is not properly reared, on improper diet. Being too full or too hungry, feeding rancid food, broken mold, expiry date, ... All of these cause  digestive diseases not only in Husky but in any breed

Expression: Husky dog ​​suffers from abdominal distention. There are signs of diarrhea, urine and feces smell fishy. Quitting a meal many times, just looking for water, the incubation period is quite long from 2 to 5 days, extremely dangerous if not recognized early and treated.

Prevention: You should provide them with a reasonable diet. Eat on time, be right, get enough food. Food must be cooked, not frozen, fermented, expired. Wash food trays, drinking water after each feeding Husky dog.


Cause: Flu is common in small Husky with poor resistance. Adults are also at risk if you don't pay attention to taking care of their healthy jellyfish. The main cause of this disease may be due to sudden weather changes. Or it may be because you don't know how to bathe Husky so that cold water gets into your body.

Expression: Husky dog ​​body temperature increases, there is a fever. They stopped eating, and they gave a groan. At the beginning of the disease, the nose will have yellow mucus, red eyes, uneven body temperature. The legs were cold but the ears and neck were hot. If the disease becomes severe, it


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