Howstar Pet Collars Reviews

Cute and Adorable pet collar for your lovely sweet pet, it makes your pet become more attractive. Let your dog join the fun with a personalized pet collar. Enjoy Pet Clothes for any party and photos.

Dogs like to run and jump, they often hang about everywhere and it is difficult to keep them staying in the same place. Thus, you should buy them a collar. A collar that can be joined with a leash, it can also help you to know where your dog is when you let them go out. Moreover, we will manage our pet more easily when they get a collar, your dog is also good looking. At the same time, it makes your dog outstanding and beautiful . Sometimes, owner carves their number phone into the dog's collar in case they lost or stolen.

Nowadays, there are a lot of different dog collars on the market, you need to be aware of choosing a good product for your puppy. Apart from their weight and size, you have to know about their characteristics and personality. For short fur dog, small head you should buy them soft material collar, it will make them more comfortable and not tangled.

Adorable collar for sweet pet.

I have a Howstar pet collar, it looks beautiful. This collar is made from PU Leather, tough, resisted high abrasion and airy, making a comfortable feeling for pets. Clasp is made from stainless steel very shiny, beautiful and durable. The collar is also decorated with a row of rivet spiked studded, giving your pet a fashionable appearance. The collar with adjustable latch big or small, with clasp to hook into the rope is very convenient. This one is so comfortable to wear, it will not hurt your pet. This is really a meaningful gift for your dog. I always think I will never find one that fit my dog but this collar. The studs are awesome. Formerly I was worried about the quality due to the price,  it's quite low price but it's actually very well made and very nice, doesn't look cheap at all.

When you buy for dog you take attention: Dogs of same weights but different breeds can have totally different neck sizes. Measure your dogs neck and then guess the size.

Size XXS: 2.5cm*25cm; XS: 2.5cm*30cm; S: 2.5cm*37cm; M: 2.5cm*42cm; L: 2.5cm*51cm


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