How to treat dogs are stinky

If you are taking care of a dog, sometimes the owners can be uncomfortable with their body odor. Especially popular in dog breeds like Pug, Poodle ... They can be foul-smelling, bad mouth or ear ... Although you have cleaned regularly and clean your dog, it still has a bad smell. To prevent the toughest odors, this review will offer to you some ways to handle it:

The reasons cause odors for dog

Do not wash clean: If the dog is not pruned and bathed regularly, the body will accumulate a lot of dirt. Just like that, it gave off an unpleasant smell.

Hormonal odor: Hormonal hormones can also cause bad smell in dogs. Especially, some parts easily appear slime, oil on the skin. This makes it easier for bacteria to thrive. The bacterial resolution will also cause a bad smell. 

Genetics: For example, Shar-Pei breed, naturally wrinkled layers of skin, bacteria are easy to hide in this flare-up skin, causing a bad smell.

Dogs get foul due to disease: For example, mouth problems will cause dogs to salivate, gums or even their mouths will smell. The places where it licked through had a strange smell, quite unpleasant. There are also other conditions such as ear infections, skin diseases ... that also cause smells in dogs.

Some ways to reduce the odors of dog

Reliever the odors from the anus of the pet: Whether it is urination or defecation, they will also dirty a part of the skin's coat. Long-term accumulation will clot. Moreover, the anal and surrounding glands are also one of the strong point causes of odor in dogs. How to squeeze odor glands for dogs? Imagine the dog anus like a watch, it also has a second hand and a minute hand. After putting your hands on dog's anus, gently massage in 4-hour and 8-hour positions. Gently squeeze, squeeze until the object is pulled out. Note, if squeezing blood, your dog may have some diseases such as anal inflammation. It is best to go to a veterinarian for treatment.

Wash nails for dogs: Regular nail clippers are very good. Can do it yourself or use pet service. While bathing, make sure to clean your dog's nails well. Interstitial nails are the favorite habitat of bacteria.

Regular cleaning of earwax: Dog ears also smell bad. You can use a cotton swab to help it clean. But be careful not to push the cotton swab too inside. If not, in the long run, can accumulate a lot of earwax inside the dog's ears.

Brushing your teeth often: If a problem of mouth arises, it will be very difficult to treat. Moreover, it is very painful. So if the owners want to help prevent and treat better, take regular dental care. If you do not know how to do or are afraid of trouble, you can take your dog to a professional facility for cleaning. Or you can buy things like dog bones for gnawing. They will also help somewhat to clean your teeth.


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