How to teach dogs to go to the toilet in the right place

Teaching dogs to go to the toilet in the right place is an extremely important thing that is indispensable when taking care of dogs. So the question here is how to teach dogs? To solve this problem, our website will offers to the owners some best ways to do that:

1.    Why should the owners  teach a dog to go to the toilet in the right place and time?

Currently, growing dogs is very popular. In most families, they often take care of from 1 to 2 dogs. Meanwhile, the vast majority of urban people live in narrow houses and floor houses. 

Imagine, if one day when you come back home from a tiring day of working, around the house is full of odors and each place has a waste dump of them, do you still want to grow the dogs?

Therefore, teaching dogs to go to the toilet in the right place saves your time to clean up the dog's waste. Secondly, the owners should do that to avoid polluting the dog's environment and your own.

In a busy life, you can't always be with your pets. If you instruct them to go to the toilet on time, the first one will create a good habit for your dog. Second, you can clean up the waste for them to avoid air pollution.

2.    The lessons to teach the dogs

Observing the signs of a dog when they want to go to the toilet:

Like humans, when the dogs just wake up or eat well, they will show signs of going to the toilet. Signs of a hygienic dog: the dog will run around, groan, smell under the floor and find a toilet. Just by looking at these symptoms, you can know that they want to go to the bathroom.

Giving to dogs the right place for hygiene:

-    Teaching dog go to the toilet in the tray

Guiding puppies to go to the sand tray is usually for small dogs like a poodle, pug or dogs are locked in a cage. You should put in the cage of a dog a tray of toilet sand on the opposite side with where they usually are. Dogs usually will not go to the toilet where they stay, they always find a different place to go to the toilet. This repetitive process will create a habit for them. Even if you release them, if they want to go to the bathroom, according to the reflex they will find the right tray to go to the toilet.

-    Teaching dog go to the toilet in the toilet room

Teaching the dogs to go to the toilet in a flush toilet is quite difficult than guiding them to go to the toilet in tray sand. This way is usually only for large dogs like Alaska, golden, beige ... These dogs will be high enough to be able to use the flush toilet.

3.    Conclusion 

When you see a hygienic dog want to go to the toilet, the owners should take the puppy into the bathroom. Place a high-quality bench for standing and toileting into the flush toilet. After that, you train them to use their feet to drain the water. This exercise is relatively difficult, most people often bring puppies to training centers to practice.


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