How to take care of the puppy at home

The appearance of a new member of the family is a great joy for the owner. However, the problem of concern is always present in front of the owner is how to take care of their puppy at home. There are many different ways of caring to help the owners save costs and be suitable for financial conditions. Here, please refer to these ways!

1. Eliminate clean odors   

When going home, the pet will go to the toilet inertia because it has not learned the habit of going to the right place. It is essential to leave the odor from the waste products of the puppies. With the usage of soda banking and water, for example, after cleaning up the puppy's waste but still having a strong odor, you sprinkle some soda banking and water on that area, then wait dry and wipe it off or vacuum cleaner. 

In addition to cleaning, soda banking can also help your dog's cushion to clear off the odors due to frequent sleeping. Simply by uploading the utility banking soda, wait a few minutes to vacuum up and finish! 

In case the stains remain, you can pour some lemon juice on the area, wait for 15-20 minutes and then scrub and wipe. 

On the other hand, you can use vinegar to clean and deodorize the smell, not only that, but the smell of vinegar also makes the pet not go in that position. For example, if a dog is pissed off, after a long time, use some vinegar to sprinkle it on, wait for about 10 - 15p, then clean it up! 

2. Clean the place, trim the coat 

In addition to cleaning the smell of your house, do not forget to clean the accommodation for your dog because this is the center for the sweat and dirt after a day of the puppy with banking soda. 

Another great use of soda is to use it when the dog smells bad but is lazy to bathe or fear bathing. You can spray little soda banking on your pet and gently massage it, then smooth it out until it is clean! On the other hand, soda banking is completely non-toxic to the skin so you can rest assured about using this product. In addition, diluted vinegar is also an indispensable option when you want to remove excess shower gel and also get stuck on your puppy's fur. Not only that, but diluted vinegar also removes parasites on the skin for dogs. Don't forget, cover with clean water after using vinegar! 

Here are 2 ways to consult your dog to take care of his puppy! Don't ignore it because of your love for small members.


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