How to take care of the dog coat

When we take care of the dog or other animals, we really want the pet’s coat is healthy, smoother,…etc. We should know that the status of a coat is an exact indicator to express the health of the dog. Thus, if you want to maintain the strong health of your dog, you ought to take care of the dog’s coat in the best way by providing enough nutrition to them. In this review, we will provide to the owner 5 steps to take care of the dog coat:

1.    Feed your dog with a healthy diet

You should feed your dog with some foods which contain the proper balance of nutrients. The owners can ask their vet to choose the suitable supplies of dog breeds because each breed needs a different amount of vitamins and minerals to load into its body.

2.    Providing Omega fatty acids in a dog’s diet

Omega fatty acids are so important for dog’s coat because they can reduce the itchy or scratching skin with allergies of dog, prevent the inflammatory skin issue with an immediate result approximately 28 days. The main Omega acids we should provide for the dog are Omega-6 which are founded in safflower or sunflower oil and Omega-3 in flaxseed and fish oils. These ingredients are provided by some dog foods so that the owners may read the instruction before buying the products.

3.    Groom your dog coat usually

You can remove mats, tangles, dead skin cells, dander by grooming your dog coat every few days. When the owners are brushing the coat, it is supplied the oxygen which helps the fur more healthy. Be sure to use suitable brushes or combs to get rid of tangles easily.

4.    Bath your dog with shampoo

Dogs always love playing outdoor so that their coat easily get dirt, tangles,…etc and these things cause some bad problems for dog skin like dryness, itching, scratch. To solve this issue, the owners ought to bath for their dogs no more than once a month. Make sure that people choose a suitable shampoo to depend on the status of dog coat, the vet usually recommend some supplies which are made from oatmeal because this ingredient can improve the dog’s coat with effective result.

5.    Check for parasites

Parasites, ticks or fleas are the big worries of the owners who are taking care of the dogs because they make the pets feel uncomfortable with itching every day. Thus, to check for fleas, people must run their fingers over some parts such as near the tail, down the back, behind the ears or on the belly. The best way to reduce them is by visiting your vet and the dog will be sprayed with medication. On the other hand, the owners can use some shampoos to remove these parasites with suitable products which have mentioned in step 4.


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