How to take care of Poodle

Taking care of a dog is quite a difficult activity because the owners should care for all things about pet like food, supplements, health, vitamins for the coat,…etc.

Each dog needs different caring depends on the breeds, this review will offer to you some lessons to take care of Poodle breed: 

1.    How to take care of Poodle health and coat

You should take your Poodle to go to pet spas to help trim them, the right time is when they are 4 months of age and so regularly trim the dogs 3 times a year. This will make your dog's coat  healthier, softer , and look more adorable and can prevent skin diseases that affect your dog's health. Please note, if the weather is too cold or your dog is unwell, remove the trimmed day until it is more appropriate.

For those who do not want to bring Poodle to the spa, they can trim its coat at home by quickly using tools for dog grooming and some gels to help soft and smooth hair. It is advisable to brush once a day when brushing, the owners should comb it backward to help the coat float more, and at the same time give your dog more vitamins and medicine to support hair growth.

2.    Providing enough essential nutrients for Poodle

Diet and dog food Poodle also has many points to keep in mind to help them stay healthy and get better hair. For small Poodle, it is recommended to feed soft foods, in case of using packed pellets, soak in water for 3 to 7 minutes to make food softer, termite should be fed 3 meals. 

For those with mature Poodle, the feeding will be simpler, but should only feed 2 meals a day to avoid overweight due to inherently Poodle is a small and compact dog breed. After eating, the owners should let Poodle contact with sun and combine movement to bring better health for them.

3.    Cleaning for Poodle breed

Cleaning for Poodle is one of the most important and necessary things if you want your dog to have a beautiful coat, prevent skin diseases and germs far away from your pet. The dogs should be bathed 1 to 3 times a week and the best time is when it is sunny in the morning so that when you are finished bathing, you can combine the drying with the sun. Bright sunshine is good for health and helps prevent some diseases in Poodle dogs.

A poodle is a pretty obedient dog, less disruptive so you should always care and play with your Poodle to feel a wonderful loving you give them, your dog will become more and more loyal and respectful to you.


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