How to take care of Pitbull mother before childbirth

Childbirth is the natural instinct that this life gives not only to humans but also to animals including dogs - a loyal friend of today. However, not all the owners have experience and enough knowledge to take care of and essential preparation to help them during pregnancy and childbirth. In this article will provide some tips on how to care for a mother dog in late pregnancy and about to give birth:

1. Make a plan for pregnancy check and birth date:

After a long time of mating and conception, the owner will have to provide adequate nutritional ingredients such as protein from beef, lean meat, ... as well as adequate fats, minerals, and calcium for the mother dog first. Dog owners must schedule a regular check-up according to the veterinarian's appointment to check the health status when the dog is pregnant as well as complications if any occur to promptly handle. Moreover, veterinarians will also tell you the time of delivery and we will be easier to prepare for their childbirth process. 

2. Watch for changes in the dog and provide enough nutrition: 

Near the birth date, Pitbull's mother may be anorexic and quiet meals because her belly is now large and they feel quite tired when eating. Therefore the owners need to be observant and change foods that can stimulate their taste buds. Because of pitbull with fat limitations characterized by osteoporosis, owners can try supplementing them with foods that provide iron, calcium, and phosphorus with foods that are specifically for pregnant dogs or stews bone diluted. 

Put food and water near their nest to avoid the situation which a mother dog has to travel far from where they lie, which may have a negative effect on pregnancy.

3. Prepare the bed for Pitbull: 

Because Pitbull is a medium and small dog, this preparation is very simple. The owner should create a separate, quiet space, ensuring a warm temperature. The owner can prepare the bed, the box with the blanket under it to create a comfortable feeling. The best time to prepare is a week before your due date according to your veterinarian's examination. 

4. Notice their labor time: 

The owner needs to be sensitive and observe the mother dog carefully during the period of 1 week before the delivery date according to the following signs: Milk secretion in the nipple or fetus can move from the outside of the abdomen. Some will stop eating, have less urination, or lose control of the secretion process due to bladder compression. 

When laboring Pitbull mothers will have contractions and pain, they will transmit signals to the owner to recognize. If after 4 to 6 hours of intense labor, the mother dog still pushes while still unable to give birth you need to invite the veterinarian to intervene. Observe them so they get a sense of familiarity from you and help promptly handle accidents that may occur during childbirth so they don't panic during childbirth.


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