How to take care of pitbull mother after giving birth

The period after gives birth to a puppy, Pitbull mother needs to be provided with adequate and high-quality foods rich in protein and calcium because the mother's dog body after birth should be ensured sufficient quality to create quality milk for puppies. A very important tip that employers should grasp in order to help their moms recover their health and raise good babies after birth is that we should prepare everything right after the birth and postpartum period suggests as follow:

1. Take care of right after birth 

Sensitive like women after giving birth, Pitbull will need care both mentally and nutritionally. The spirit at the moment is quite sensitive and easy to get angry if they notice someone approaching and touching their children. Therefore, the owner must gently observe, create gentle gestures to create a sense of familiarity with the mother dog. This helps them not to fear and regain a stable spirit so that the recovery and milk production process will take place more smoothly. 

First, take a few drinks of diluted saline to give them a drink because Pitbull's stomach is weak now, use salt water to help disinfect and support a better recovery process. 

2. Make sure food is provided properly: 

After birth, Pitbull's mother is quite weak. The owner needs to provide nutrient-rich food and enough water for them. Attention should be paid to placing food near the mother dog area so that they do not have to move much. Because the problem is quite sensitive to typical food in this species, the owner needs to be careful, choose foods that have protein content (fat restriction) such as lean meat, beef or eggs, it is very beneficial for milk production of mother dogs. 

However, there are some cases where the mother does not want to eat after the birth, the owner can choose a food that the employer knows they want (rich in calories) instead, some other options such as try It is also considered to soak food in water to stimulate taste. One thing to note is that employers need to keep food warm for Pitbull mom during this time will be better. 

3. Keep the body warm for Pitbull's mother 

Like women after birth, mother dogs will be very weak after birth so owners need to observe and keep them warm. Temperatures range from 26-27 degrees Celsius the best because Pitbull does not tolerate extreme temperatures. You need to watch and if you see them move a lot, they are cold and you have to start adjusting the temperature more appropriately. 

4. Observe the regular expression and schedule of postpartum examination: 

Pitbull mother after birth will need to pay attention to the characteristics of mammary and vaginal organs in the first few weeks. Some cases of mastitis appear as red or purple, hard, hot breast are easily lead to death. In addition, secretions may be reddish-brown and cordy, sometimes with a slight odor. If these symptoms are present, the owner should take them to the veterinarian immediately.


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