How to take care of Alaska

Taking care of a dog is quite a difficult activity because the owners should care for all things about pet like food, supplements, health, vitamins for a coat,…etc.

Each dog needs different caring depends on the breeds, this review will offer to you some lessons to take care of Alaska breed: 

1.    Keeping Alaska always be clean

Like humans, the dogs you are taking care of will feel more comfortable or restful when they are clean, while also helping to prevent pathogens from arising, and this requires more attention because Alaska is a breed of dog with a very thick and heavy coat. Keep their sleeping areas clean and cool in the summer as well as warm in the winter, clear to avoid leaving many unpleasant smells. Alaskan breeds are very receptive and obedient dogs so when you bring them into the house, you should train him to be able to go to the toilet in the right place and get used to the arrangement and objects around the house.

2.    Picking up Alaska to check health regularly

With your Alaska dog in particular and all types of pets in general, regular bringing to the veterinary facility for a periodic health check is one of the indispensable things once you decide to raise them. The owners should let their dog check and vaccinate most often with young dogs only a few months old because, at this age, their bodies are still weak and susceptible to dangerous pathogens. 

3.    Some foods which provide nutrients for Alaska 

Avoid high-fat, high-salt foods and fishy foods because those foods are easy for your pet to have intestinal problems. They should be fed with foods such as soft rice, fiber-rich vegetables, lean meat providing protein, for dogs too small, the first time should give milk and then switch to porridge and all kinds soft food. Moderate diet, not too much or too little will affect Alaska's health, eating time should be divided into 3-4 meals a day.

4.    Leading Alaska to exercise frequently

Leaving Alaska around in the house, not being able to go out and play, running or doing activities are easy to make them uncomfortable and stubborn and will be easy to find household objects to destroy. Because the nature of Alaska dogs is a sled dog, there is always plenty of energy available to be active even if they are in the room or in your home. Daily activities like taking them for a walk, playing at the park will make them healthier and more comfortable.

5.    Taking care of Alaska’s coat

Regularly once a day, the owners often take the time to carefully brush your Alaska dog's coat, the types of products dedicated to bathing pet hair are always recommended because those products will not make their coat is ruffled or fibrous due to inappropriate pH.

In particular, they must be dried to avoid pathogens that have a chance to cause skin diseases as well as many other diseases, they can use powder to help clean the coat as long as possible and avoid wet condition on hair and skin. The plumage is the characteristic of the beauty of the Alaska dog, so there is nothing to waste when you take the time to help them get a smooth and thick coat, when also clean and healthy.


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