How to raise Husky dogs

Husky Sibir is a cold native dog breed. Therefore, it is not easy to keep them healthy in a hot climate country like Vietnam. However, it is not easy, it does not mean that it is impossible, you can completely grow Husky as the western brothers if you provide them with a diet, an effective training method.

Nutrition for Husky dogs

The food you must provide to Husky includes the following foods:

Meat types: Meat contains a lot of protein - is an essential nutrient for Husky to develop physically. If possible, you can feed Husky beef because of high protein beef and less fat. In addition, chicken is also a bad choice. Pork, you should remember to just give them lean meat. Animal organs also contain a lot of protein but are low in fat, you can feed them but moderate.

Vegetables: In vegetables, tubers, fruits, carrots are best because they contain a lot of extremely good vitamins and minerals for the digestive system of Husky dogs. In addition, you can supplement them with other vegetables such as green sprout, spinach, lettuce, etc. All of these vegetables are good for the digestive system, reducing hair loss and strengthening. resistance for Husky.

Nut food: Husky uncle imported most like to eat dry pellets. Because foreign people rarely give Husky fresh processed food like in Vietnam. You should choose on the market those products that contain ingredients that are full of substances. You just need to pour it out and feed them every day. Very suitable for those who do not have much time to prepare food for Husky.

Exercise mode for Husky dogs

No matter how busy you are, you should be sure to spend 25-30 minutes a day to give Husky a workout. Doing this helps Husky release excess energy, avoiding the rampage in your home. You can apply some exercises as follows:

·       Take them for a walk every day.

·       Keep them running for 5-6 km by following your bike.

·       Tie the zipper to a bicycle or tire for them to pull. Husky is a sled dog, so they are extremely fond of heavy exercises.

·       If you have swimming pools, rivers and lakes around your house, you can let them swim. This is a pretty good practice method.

On hot days, pay attention not to take Husky out at noon. You can let them perform sustainable walking or running exercises in the early morning or late evening, when the temperature of the day is lowest.

After each practice, you should provide adequate drinking water for Husky. The most important stage of training is when Husky is over 6 months old - the strongest development age. You can enhance muscle development exercises for them.

Like Alaska, Husky does not like and does not have the ability to play throw - pick up objects or sniff things like other pet dogs. You should remove those exercises right away from the Husky dog ​​training list!

Notes when raising Husky dogs

First, determine to breed a dog Husky is that you have to spend a lot of time, effort and money. If you do not have all the above factors, then postpone raising Husky. Because if Husky is not interested, they can change their personality, become irresistible and aggressive. Can even turn out against the master.

Husky comes from a cold region. Therefore, always keep their ambient temperature cool (usually not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius). Especially with the newly exported Husky uncle to Vietnam. If the weather is too hot, you should keep Husky in the air-conditioned room, not to run outside, especially for small Husky dogs.

Must be for Husky at least 30 minutes a day to run and play. If you forget and lock up Husky in the house for too long, they can become irritable, aggressive, biting, or even escaping to play.

If breeding Husky, you should choose Husky puppy, avoid raising mature Husky dogs . Due to Husky's behavior in the herd, if you raise them from a young age, they will treat you as the first and follow your orders, making training easy. It doesn't happen if you choose to raise a mature Husky!


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