How to prevent the dermatitis of dogs

Dermatitis in dogs has long been a concern for all owners. Dermatitis in dogs affects not only health but also makes the pet's aesthetics worse. To know more about this problem and how to treat it, this review will offer the owners the essential knowledge:

1. The reason for dermatitis of dog

There are many causes of dermatitis, allergies, and even skin ulcers in dogs. Common causes of this discomfort include Skin parasites such as lice, lice, and scabs. Demodex Canis causes a contagious disease. Sarcoptes causes scabies ... Most of them come from hygiene issues, regular living and sleeping places of dogs.

2. The symptoms of dermatitis

Demodex dermatitis: Found in both puppies and adult dogs but mostly puppies. Demodex scabies when attacking dogs can cause itching. Symptoms of this disease are from large to very large areas with coat loss or body fur loss for dogs. First of all in the area around the eyes. Besides, the coat loss areas are allergy and ulcer spots. Even long-term cure may appear pustular pustules. The disease causes fever, lethargy due to infection or sepsis. If not particularly attentive, it may lead to gradual depletion and death.

Scabies Sarcoptes: caused by a parasite called Sarcoptes scabies variants. The scabies Sarcoptes uses four dual limbs to dig trenches, laying eggs on the skin of dogs causing itching. The scabies dog Sarcoptes showed signs of restlessness. On the skin, there are red, scaly, rash spots. Dogs constantly scratch their feet or rub against rough surfaces. Causing dog hair to fall into thin, irregular patches.

3. How to treat the dermatitis of dog

When the first symptoms of dermatitis appear, the owners need to isolate the sick dog from other healthy dogs to avoid spreading to the whole dogs. After that, it is necessary to quickly check on the skin of the dog the parasite species causing dermatitis to determine the exact disease.

Next, clean the dog's body by shaving the parts of scabies. Gently apply antiseptic to skin ulcers or pus. Bathe dogs with specialized bath oils. Absolutely do not use products for humans or dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner because they will cause irritation.

In the case of dogs with severe inflammation, severe sores, badly transformed wounds, the dog should be promptly taken to reputable veterinary stations for appropriate treatment regimens, avoiding future complications.

4. How to prevent the dermatitis of dog

Scabies vaccination, dog ticks, fleas for dogs. An injection can prevent one too many different diseases, from skin scabies to the type of scabies inside.

Pay attention to clean the dog's living area. Use special sprays to treat scabies, lice, especially dogs. Attention should be paid to hygiene in the areas where dogs regularly live.

Bathe your dog with special bath oils. Avoid exposing your dog to water too often. This causes a cold to make the dog feel sick, enabling scabies to attack.

Absolutely isolate healthy dogs from dogs showing signs of infection. Enhance the supplement of nutrients and resistance for dogs.


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