How to choose right clothes for dog

Nowadays, the owners often wear for their dogs some adorable clothes. When you wear clothing for pets, it increases the beauty and protects the dog far away with the changes in weather.

However, the owners have to choose the right clothes for their pets to have effective results: 

1.    The reason why the owners should buy dog clothes

The first reason is when puppies wear clothes, they will cover their bodies, fight cold and protect dog skin from being exposed to sunlight, dirt. Secondly, dogs wearing clothes show the owner's aesthetic concept. Thirdly, puppies wearing clothes can reduce the hassle of regular hair cleaning and avoid sensitive or inflamed skin. Last but not least, clothes can increase intimacy the owners. 

2.    Some notices when choosing dog clothes

If puppies wear clothes daily without brushing their hair, it is easy to coat the hair together.

Puppies wearing clothes are easy to produce static electricity and it affects their health.

When dogs wear clothes which do not fit the body, but they can't talk to their owners, so it's very easy for them to get angry and upset. The clothes of puppies should be cleaned, detoxed periodically, away from the owner's clothes.

3.    How to measure clothes for dogs

The main point when choosing clothes for puppies: pet clothes are not as many sizes as people. Relatively suitable only, there will be occasional dissatisfaction. So be sure to measure your necklace, chest, body length. Also, observe a dog’s activity after wearing normal clothes.

Necklace: after dressing, you can stretch two fingers in, consider comfort.

Waistline: must consider the structure of clothing, the abdomen cannot be too loose or too tight, it is possible to stretch two to three fingers.

Body length: from the neck to the front of the tail. Poodle's body length should best be equal to the length of clothes.

4.    Some clothes are the most popular for dogs nowadays

In addition to the thin or thickness division, sleeveless and without sleeveless shirts also have their own distinctive characteristics.

With shirts has hands, when ordering, carefully measure the size of Poodle parts. Moreover, it is best to try before you buy. Especially the situation of hind legs will directly affect the feeling of puppies. Unsuitable choices will affect their performance.

With shirts has no hands, mainly considering the status of the neck, waist, body length. If your Poodle is too skinny or too fat, you still need to measure the waist. Avoid being too loose or too tight to wear.

Dog's attire should avoid locking, attaching buttons or buttons that cannot let puppies bite. Costumes too much are not safe. Sorting glasses, attaching flowers, philosophical waist, though looking very nice, is also likely to make dogs uncomfortable. Some dogs do not like to wear clothes, because the clothes are not fit so that it makes the dog feels uncomfortable, leading to a very bad mood. If you hope that your dog will wear clothes, you should study the types of clothes, colors, and sizes in advance, and combine them with rewards and encouragement.


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