How to avoid the thermal shock for dogs in summer

Nowadays, the weather in the world is too hot so that not only humans but also pets feel difficult to go outdoors. Humans have many ways to reduce the hot feeling like turn on the air-conditioner, bathe,…etc but dogs aren’t. With a thick coat combines with hot weather, dogs are easy to get a thermal shock with the body temperature up to 106 Celcius degree. To prevent this problem, the owners should know how to reduce the temperature in the dog’s body.

1.    The reasons why dogs get a thermal shock?

Exercising under high temperatures will make the dogs exhausted because they cannot radiate heat from the body.

Sudden temperature changes: when the dogs stay in the air conditioner for a long time, if they go outdoors and contact with the high-temperature environment immediately, the temperature in the dog's body will be changed suddenly and make them unable to adapt and causes thermal shock.

Dog diseases such as obesity or heart disease are all causes of thermal shock in dogs.

Dogs that are too small or too old can easily encounter this phenomenon.

Bathing for a dog is an effective way to reduce the body temperature of the dog. Many owners fear pet puppies are too hot so they will have bad odors, thus, the owners often bathe them. However, to keep a cool dog, people don’t dry the coat immediately and that is the reason why dog get a thermal shock.

2.    Controlling temperature of the dog’s body

The dog's body releases heat very slowly, so they are very afraid of hot weather. If possible, let the dog stays in a room with air conditioning. However, do not suddenly change the temperature from the room with the air conditioner and outdoors. If the difference in temperature is more than 10 degrees Celsius, it can cause cardiovascular strokes.

In addition, the owner must pay attention to ventilation. If you want to take your dog outside, you need to open the door for a while, allowing the temperature to cool down to a normal temperature, so that your dog adapts to the temperature. When the bath is done, it is necessary to clean the dog, dry the fur and then embrace the room with the air conditioner on.

3.    Avoid the thermal shock of a dog by diet

Feed the dogs with digestible foods, reduce the amount of protein, fat,…etc, increase fiber, green vegetables. Especially if you feed your dog dry food, synthetic food must ensure enough drinking water.

Ensure adequate clean water for dogs to drink. While walking with a dog, you should bring water not only for you but also for your pet. If the dog is panting or seems to be sluggish, you should stop under the shade and give them water.

4.    Avoid the thermal shock of a dog by shaving the coat

When the weather is hot, you can clean the dog's base, belly hair to help them radiate heat. But when cutting the fur, avoid cutting too short, because dog coat has the effect of preventing ultraviolet rays. So, when shaving, the owners should leave a sufficient amount of coat to protect their skin from the sun's rays.

In addition to thick-haired dogs, shaving their coat will make them unhappy. Many dogs are ashamed of not meeting other people, even suffering from depression.


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