How to attend your dog in childbearing period

Is your " Boss" pregnant? This is a time they actually need your special care. Preparing knowledge carefully to look after them and this is what you have to do with your lovely dog is enquiring about how to attend a dog when she gets pregnant.

Before childbearing period

It is really difficult to realize a dog getting pregnancy until week 9 of gestation. However, if you try to pay attention a little bit, you will recognize a change in her udder. Its udder will be well out and pink color. After mother dog is conceived about 2-3 weeks, this token will be more specific. After next week( week 4-5) its waist will belly out, well out and full.

Her character and appetite also alter when she gets pregnant. That is obvious evidence that she absolutely in the gestation period. Nutritional food regulation is so important to ensure for mother dog wholesome in this period. However, you should not increase her meal early. Puppy will grow up promptly in 3-4 weeks before she borned, mother dog's weight also raises 25 to 30%. You should provide nutritional food regularly (increasing 25-30%). Mother dog has a habit of looking for her birth place. Therefore, you should prepare for her a secret place and relaxing. If you want to know how many puppy are there, you can take mother dog an X-ray at veterinarian in 45 days pregnant. 

Puppy to be borned

Normally, a mother dog carries that baby about 60-62 days before she borned. However, pregnant time depends on each race, you should stay next to her to aid and care through reproductive process because many mother dog is very awkwardly. She able to bears upon her babies or does not bite placenta by herself, so puppy will die of asphyxia.

You need to keep track of her reproductive process to ensure about amount of babies. This is the reason why you should take an X-ray to define the number of them. A mother dog normally is able to born 3-7 babies or more, special instance she only gets one.

After childbearing period.

Congratulation, you have some new lovely member, keeping their house tidy and cosy. You should take care of mother dog more than her babies, you plan a nutritious regulation to stimulate a milk generation. It includes:

+Food is full of calorie, calcium, phosphorus

+Strengthened DHA for brain development.

+Containing fat content

+Easy of digestion

+High protein content

+Providing iron


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