Green Label Pet Hair Brush Reviews

Green Label pet hair brush fits 1.25 inch. vacuum cleaner nozzle attachment grooming tool with universal adapter fits 1.38-inch diameter hose size.

A user-friendly hair brush

Grooming daily for your dog is very important, it not only helps the dog become cleaner but also effect for health like massage makes blood circulate and comfortable. House cleaning is a chore most people rarely enjoy. Green Label offers a wide range of tools for a quick and effective cleaning of both home and office.

Pet Hair Vacuum Brush with Universal Adapter, it is designed to be used on the pet to remove pet hair and dander directly from the pet and into the vacuum cleaner.

Bristles are made from TPE soft material ( TPE called Thermoplastic Elastomer is a kind of resilient, thermoplastic resins, using to manufacture household plastic, toys, sports equipment, office tools, medical equipment and devices etc). Green Label Vacuum Cleaner Pet Hair Brush is a kind of good hair, brush for pet’s hair and dead skin & gives your pet a nice massage.

It is designed with 360-degree rotatable head allows you to groom your pet's hair in different angles. Moreover, it is very easy to wash, you will absolutely don’t worry about cleaning like other types. You just press the button to take the green attachment out.

This Pet Hair Brush, you can switch to adjust airflow, very user-friendly for using. Most makes and models of vacuum cleaners with 1.25/1.38 inch (32/35 mm) hose diameter and friction-fit type such as Vax, Hoover, Samsung, LG, Electrolux, Siemens, Philips, etc. (EXCEPT Miele and clip-fit type like Dyson and Shark).

Removable brush, it’s easy to take apart to clean in the corner. because of simple design, you don’t worry about purified.

How to use

 1. Switch the orange button to adjust airflow.

 2. Move the brush head to groom your pet's hair in different angles.

 3. Remove the green attachment to clean & wash the bristles.

 Package contains: 1 x Pet Brush, 1 x Universal Adapter


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