Green House Dog Snuffle Mat Reviews

Green House dog snuffle mat, pet puzzle toy sniffing training pad, activity blanket feeding mat for dog release stress.


It’s designed like a puzzle training mat. This snuffle mat mimic the hunt for food in grass and fields, which satisfies dog's natural curiosity and enhance its superior sense of smell. Promote mental and physical exercising while reducing stress.

This is the first important purpose for snuffle training. 10 minutes snuffle = 1 hour outdoor running, can help dogs relieve stress and relax when you leave him /her alone at home. Training your dog's sense of smell, let your dog's nose and brain to work by mimicking the hunt for food in nature. Hide the snack or small toy in the snuffle mat, then guide the dogs to find it out, prevent digestive health problems from eating too fast.

Safe & high quality is the second important feature of this mat. Colorful design with fun, made of eco-friendly fabric, durable and non-toxic, prevent from tearing into pieces easily, 100% safe for your pets, ensures the health of your dog.

Dog snuffle mat improves the sense of smell to encourage their food skills in nature. If your dog is a mischievous dog often destroy toy you bought for him, snuffle mat is so good so far and highly durable.


Snuffle Mat Size : 45cm x 45cm. Feeding mat made of super soft polar fleece, suitable for any breed dogs and mini cats

Weight: 175g

Material: Super soft Polar Fleece makes a soft feeling and high elasticity, with outstanding upper hand more than other carpet. It keeps the durability and create comfort for pets.

Cleaning Method: Both hand wash and machine washable. This mat is easy to clean. Besides, because of making by super soft fleece, so this carpet is very fast drying.

Package include: 1 x Dog Snuffle Mat


Snuffle mat is a great treat hider. Your dog will like it if you always trying to find games and such to keep him mentally stimulated. But you should use sticking plaster to stick it to the floor. Because he learns very quickly that if he grabs it and shakes it, A lot of the treats fall out.


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