Glumes Dog Harness with Leash Reviews

This comfort and control dog harness and leash designed with no pull & no choke, padded vest. You can freely go for a walk with your beloved dog.

When bringing up a dog, you always have a leash to look after the dog when he goes out or making a fuss. However, if you do not know how to use a leash in the right way, the dog will be injured and not all types are good. This dog harness with leash I feel quite good, I bought one for my dog that is very satisfied with this harness so I decide to recommend it to everyone.

User-friendly product

One set is a type of fashion pet dog walking out vest traction rope. It is a new brand and high quality.

This harness is made with soft and breathable mesh polyester material to ensure the comfort of this harness. (Polyester known as Poly, it is a synthetic fiber, it has many superior features such as good wrinkle resistance, easy to clean, durable color, Water & fire resistant, good insulation ), It can be worn in all weather.

It is made of canvas, durable washable and wearable. The collar can be easy and convenient to wear and remove with buckle. Security quick release buckles on harness to prevent accidental releasing.

I am able to use soft mesh harness for all weather, cold and hot is okay. I Just step in and close the velcro, lock the buckle. Heavy duty double metal D-rings for secure leash attachment, this safety harness allows owner to walk their pet without concern. Because of sturdy material and high durability, this harness will create a smooth feeling when the dog wears it. I never worry about strangling or discomfort with my pet because the bibs wrap around his body.  Besides, it is designed tight – fitting style to help me manage my playful baby more easily. It makes stable position for you to take your dog on a walk, making comfortable feeling. Adjustable harness reduces strain on your pet's neck and back.

This Dog Harness with Leash has 2 outstanding colors and fashion ( blue check and pink check) to make your dog stand out from a crowd. Pattern and different styles, each of which can make your pet beautiful, charming and unique. With a stable design like this harness, it's always ready for every exciting walk or jogging, add the feelings between you and your pet. This is a good gift to your friend.

You carefully measure your pet's chest to select this harness suitable for them.


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