Gastrointestinal bleeding symptom of dog

Gastrointestinal bleeding caused by pernicious gastrointestinal or pravo. This is really popular and dangerous to your pet. Pet's survival rate maybe low if you are unable to detect it early.

Source of the gastrointestinal bleeding symptom.

+By virus: Maybe it caused by parvo virus, care virus, infectious hepatitis virus,

+By gem like e-coli:  Leptospira, salmonella.

+By parasitic

+Besides, it's caused by mycosis, food contains dangerous toxic, indigestion food.

Sign of an illness

pernicious gastrointestinal also makes your dog stool red blood, this disease is really popular of dog especially puppy in <6 months age's quite dangerous toward your pet. it would be healthy decline quickly if you do not oversee and detect it timely. Puppy usually caught a pernicious gastrointestinal after borned 10-15 days or even early. Its excrement is sour and stinking smell but they still sucking and going. After a few days, disease will be breaking out as high temperature 40-41 oC, eating decreased, sour and stinking liquid excrement, tympanism, fast breathing, palpitation heart and weak heart. In serious case, Puppy can be losing consciousness, decreasing blood heart, finally die.

When your puppy gets a disease, it usually has manifestation of leaving out their food, waterless nose, mournful lie, rigid, diarrhea, and vomiting. Incubation time lengthen from 3 to 4 days. After that puppy will get a manifestation as rapid-fire heartbeat, appear bleeding in his shit, reeks liquid excrement, staying in bed. His body is lost water, asthenic quickly, and die after late few days or unexpected.


You should prevent the source of disease. First of all, do not put anything into his stomach before cleaning with water, all food inside his bowel. To do that we take half of salt solution(01 coffee spoon of salt mix into water) to wash their gut (2-3 spoons of papaya atta ) douche by warm water. Let him hungry in 2-3 days, only drinking pure water, especial strong of tea. In day three, you feed buckwheat tea with milk to him, feeding him cool saline solution if it's vomited. In day four, feeding your puppy bovrill ( little serving)buckwheat soup or rice soup. After that, from day six feeding him ground meat within 1 gram xintomixin or talazon in every morning or afternoon, or you can mix 10-15 gram potato starch into half of water glass for him(3 hours per time).

Besides, you have to free him from working day, let him stay in dry place, well-aired & comfortable. If your puppy caught this disease again, you use warm quilted blanket cover around his womb. Using warm food and warm water to feed him 2 times a day. In addition, dyer's weed and callisia is a folk remedy to treats bleeding defecation. Both of two remedies is effective to stop the bleeding. It's usually treats dysentery, internal organs bleeding, hemorrhoids, you can put into practice this way to treat your puppy by choosing old dyer's weed then you bray it until utterly divided and get the first extract for him about 2-3 times on 3 days. Callisia has many using in duodenum stomatch ulcers treatment so we can both growing as an ornament tree and tobe an apothecary in family. We choose 2-3 leaves to bray it utterly divided and get the first extract for your puppy in 2-3 times on 3 or 4 days.



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