Five foods to feed the dog when they get sick

Taking care of dogs is a difficult thing for the owners because we should care about them not only food but also a healthy status. However, when your dogs get sick, these things become more difficult for the owners. Especially, foods and medicines are so important when the dogs get sick so that we must take care of them carefully. Before picking up dogs to the vet, the owners should support them with suitable foods to avoid some symptoms like nausea, constipation, and diarrhea. To resolve these

1.    Chicken and Rice

Chicken and rice are the main ingredients in the formula of dog foods because they contain many proteins and suit with upset canine stomachs. This combination is very easy to prepare for your dogs when they get sick. The preparation of components you need are boneless and skinless chicken breasts with white rice. You should boil chicken thoroughly and cut it into small pieces, then mix them with rice to finish the cooking. Moreover, the owners have to remember that don’t add oil, butter or seasonings into the food because they will make the dog’s stomach function badly.

2.    Shredded chicken

Shredded chicken is the best ingredient for dogs when they are sick because it is easy to digest and provide enough essential nutrition. The main component for this delicious meal is chicken breast, you just need to boil it without seasonings or oils. The shredded chicken will provide the dog with some important nutrients like vitamins, fats, minerals, and amino acids.

3.    Pumpkin

Pumpkins and sweet potatoes have similar benefits to digestive system. Like sweet potatoes, pumpkins still contain much fiber which can control the digestive system of dogs. All you need is just boil the pumpkin without salt then add it in dog’s meal to regulate mild constipation. Pumpkins will provide dog with some essential nutrition such as vitamins E, B6, A, C niacin, folate, magnesium, dietary fiber, copper, iron,…etc.

4.    Bone Broth

Bone broth is often added into dry food to increase moisture and flavor for dogs and they feel more comfortable when eating. To cook a bone broth for your dogs, the first step is filling the pot with beef marrow bones or the owners can choose different 


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