Essential accessories when taking care a dog pet

Dog accessories are essential items to take care of pets. Caring for pets does not stop at feeding them. It also includes other tasks such as cutting feathers, killing bugs, etc. Therefore, pet care accessories are born. I would like to introduce products that help the dog's daily life and other pets.

1.    Accessories to help cleaning

Guiding pets to go to the toilet in the right place is the problem of any owner. Now, scientists have come up with ways to train dogs to go to the toilet in the right place. Simple and effective methods. And in addition to the training methods, people also recommend products such as litter trays for dogs,...

-          Convenient sanitation tray

There are many dog ​​accessories such as convenient toilet trays. The most common ones are grid types. Grid form also divided into many types such as high or low walls, with piles or no piles. Each type depends on the user's needs. Normally, high-grade types will be more expensive than unsuccessful, with stakes more expensive than piles.

-          Spray water instructs dogs to go to the toilet in the right place

Sprays do not help dogs go to the toilet faster, but only for guidance. Put some water in the dog area, they will drink and go to the toilet. After a period of time, they will get used to the odor spray. From there, the dog will go to the toilet more properly.

Sprays are often ineffective with sanitary trays but are also quite good. The price of the product is also low, so it is popular.

2.     Foot finger care machine

For pet dogs, feather care is also an inevitable issue. Dog hair grows fast and requires many owners to regularly cut. When it comes to shedding season, it is always necessary to clean the house and many other problems. In addition to offering pet care, the owner can do it at home with dog supplies. Affordable appliances will help save money instead of going to the store.

3.     Dog hair dryer: Accessories for dogs with much hair loss

There are many specialized dryers for different dogs. Current specialized series of dog cat hair dryers include BS 2400, Codos 160, Codos 200, CS 2400. Depending on the purpose of use, the owner selects suitable items.

4.     Convenient dog hair trimmer

Dog trimmer should meet certain standards. There are two categories recommended by pet care specialists: the Pulis RFCD 7800 and the T6 Codos.

5.     Veterinary medicine for dogs

There are many dog ​​ticks available on the market. However, to find a really effective product is only counted on the fingers. There are 5 recommended dog tick medications. In random order are Vime Frondog, Sprayway Goodnight, Hantox Spray, Fleadom and Frontline Plus.

6.     Dog hair removal machine

Like dog hair trimmers, dog vacuum cleaners also need their own standards. Standards are set quite strictly to avoid hurting pets. Currently, there are many types of products on the market and most of them meet these standards.

7.     Mattress for dogs

Different types of mattresses for dogs must be soft and warm. Thick fabric material but still must have smoothness. The types of dog mattresses sold on the market today are also of good quality but at an affordable price.

8.     Diapers for dogs

Pet diapers are like diapers for babies. Diapers need factors such as anti-bacteria, low moisture, high disinfection and dog safety. Nappies are suitable for puppies and dogs that are practicing toileting.

9.     Sleeping pills for dogs

In addition to the above dog supplies, in addition, sometimes the owners need to use sleeping pills for dogs. These drugs need to be used in exactly the same way as humans. Sometimes, for some breeds, there are more strict rules. Since then, the owner needs to pay attention. The recommended dog sleeping pill is Rotunda 30mg.


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