Electropan Dyson Groom Dog Tool Brush Reviews

Electropan dyson groom cat dog pet tool brush + extension hose for Dyson vacuum cleaner DC31 DC34 DC35 DC44 DC58 DC59 Dyson V6 replacement parts dog vacuum attachment Dyson.

When your dog scratches their hair it will fall down in the floor, sofa, carpet, bed and car. It easily causes an allergy so you need to clean by a dog groom specialized tool.

A good purchase and useful

This Dog Vacuum Groomer does not cause a pain for dog, its motor is safe and quiet. Not only is it used for pet hair removal, but also for cleaning dog’s hair on bed, sofa and car. This is a way to keep dog hair from flying around the house when brushing. you don't have to go outside to do this anymore.

This groom tool removes loose hair directly from your dog before it's shed around the home. Collected hair is then sucked straight into the vacuum. Mess free vacuum-assisted dog grooming. Suction is split during grooming. Different dog breeds require different bristle lengths - the longer the dog's hair, the longer the bristle length. When not in use, the bristles retract for safe storage.

Replacement dyson groomer, this Dyson dog groom vacuum attachment, for long and medium haired dog. Dyson Groom Tool OEM can captures allergens during grooming your dog (original equipment manufacturer (OEM)) and it removes dead skin cells improving coat condition. With powerful capacity, this machine can suck even the thickest hair so that you can get loosing fur in elbow, armpit. On/ off switch is easy to use by hands and this Vacuum Groomer pair with small brush you can take apart a machine to wipe away.

This dog brush and extension house set for Dyson animal goes with a pair of gloves as free gift.

Note: The Dyson groom tool can be used with all Dyson uprights and canister vacuums. However, it is not compatible with cordless, handhelds, DC21 motorhead , DC22 motorhead, and DC23 motorhead. It is suitable for long and medium haired dogs.


Dog Vacuum Groomer is quite large and bulky suitable for using at home. Because you have to be inside the house to run the vacuum, it not convenient for traveling, not ideal when you are outside watching the human kids play and have downtime to brush your dog.


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