Dog's chains Reviews

When raising a dog you always have a chain to help you look after the dog when you go out or when they are destructive. However, if you use the wrong type of chain, the dog will be injured. Today, we will introduce you some dog chains suitable for dogs!

Why does the dog have a chain?

Dogs are very active animals, you should not confine them in the house or in the pen all day. Many studies show that dogs that are locked up for too long are susceptible to mental illness and severe stress. Therefore, in order to protect your puppy, you need to lead them more for a walk. However, puppies are often very uneasy whenever they are led to the street. They are always running around and it's hard to keep. Therefore, a dog harness is necessary to solve this problem.

Although it is only a small thread, the dog leash has an impact on the mind and body of the dog. Many people do not pay attention to choosing dog chains or arbitrarily using a string to make sure that the dog chain just keeps them within the desired range. But that is a complete misconception because the personality, weight, size, ... of each dog are not the same. You need to know how to choose the right dog chain that can take good care of your puppy.

Classify dog ​​chains

There are many types of dog chains available on the market but if based on functionality, there are three basic types:

1.      Chain necklace

This type of dog leash is most commonly used because it is suitable for most dog breeds, simple re-use, just round to the neck or chain back. However, such necklaces will make them feel uncomfortable when being pulled or using too much force. Dogs can be familiar with this type of chain after a while of wearing, but that doesn't mean they don't feel uncomfortable. Therefore, this is not the best chain for pets.

2.      Horse belt chain

The horse belt chain, also known as the bib belt chain, is a design that can overcome the shortcomings of the necklace chain with 1 collar and a support ring for the chest. How to make this dog chain is both strong and helps your pet feel more comfortable when worn even when being pulled hard. The only downside of this design is that you have to take extra steps through the chest of your puppy's dog every time you use it. Especially with active puppies, it is more difficult to implement.

3.      Chain Choke Chain

Chain Choke is a chain used exclusively for dog training. This chain is quite simple, strapped in a noose and can be tightened if the dog does not listen. To use this type of wire requires experience and understanding of the structure as a trainer to not hurt the pet.



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