Dog's skin-disease and treatment (Flea, bacteria)

Dog's skin-disease is very popular and terrible, this disease affects serious to dog's health and able to spread to people who get in touch with illness dog. They can contract a disease to protect health both people and your pet, you need to get knowledge about skin illness in dog to have a prevention method and treatment.

To study about dog's skin illness.

Skin disease is a complicated problem and hard for treatment, although this disease does not cause high fatality nature like other diseases , it bequeaths many after - effect for health , damage to physical appearance, affect real life of own self and living environment of people .A general feature of skin disease is really easy to recognize, skin region on body like face, eat, nose, neck, leg or all over get problem, scabies, fur loss, fungi, ect. skin disease symptom in the dog has device into many different complicated illnesses develop in every age as atopic dermatitis, yeast infected, follicutitis, vermin, ticks, dry skin, tumour in skin.

Skin disease symptom of dog.

* skin illness parasite, flea, typhus.

Flea, typhus is a parasite living on dog's skin or fur, it attacks its victim by stinging, sucking the blood,  to makes a cell harmed, causing bacterial contamination. This parasite is able to break into ear, nose, start a cause of death for your dog. Dirty environment, low hygiene, the dog is infected by getting in touch with an ill animal is the reason for parasite attacking. Your pet will become itchy, uncomfortable, pale , fuzzy, skinny, allergic , and bad-smelling. You can absolutely treat this illness by using Fendona 10SC, contamination drug to get hygiene their house and device. Flea destroyed drug like Hantox spray, Frontline.

* Dermatitis of dog.

Dermatitis of dog is their skin getting bacteria contamination, pyoderma. The illness begins from germ as Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, S-intermedius reside deep in the skin, absorb nutrition, make uncomfortable, discharge allegic toxin. Dermatitis usually appears in head area, leg, eye around, face and arse-hole. It causes injury to this area by an itch and scratch. To treat dermatitis, you have to confirm where the source is. You inspect their fur carefully to detect parasites hidden under the skin or fur like body louse, head louse, flea to wipe all of them out your dog. Besides, you find some drugs as Vime-Frondog or spraydog in veterinary medicine store. In case, if you can't find any parasites but their fur is still lumpy. It is time you shaved his infection fur area, using silk cotton to suck antiseptic drug( lod, alcohol 700, hydrogen peroxide)  cleaning matter. Do not pour antiseptic drug on the whole skin because it spreads matter out the body, burned skin, to be poisoned , just cleaning each small skin area. You find some drugs as Vimectin 0,1% or Bivermectin 0,1% to inject under instruction of veterinarian. Using specialized shampoo to clean them, do not use soap or dish soap to bathe them. Decontaminate all around their living area by sterilization drug and all kinds of their plaything, reasonable diet.


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