Dog Crate Cage Reviews

Dog Crate Cage Kennel Playpen Heavy Duty Never Rust for Large Dogs with Patent Lock and Four Wheels

The weather starts to heat up, signaling that a hot summer has arrived, your puppy has gone out to the floor instead of sleeping on his furry. It's time for you to replace it with a cage.

Why you should choose this product?

Taking care of pets mean takes care of them from eating and sleeping and toileting. It also includes a choice of capturing tool for them. Some owners worry about chain will hurt their pet, so they choose cage or stable to make them more comfortable. Owners also buy for themselves a small bag when away.

It keeps your dog secure while you’re away and house trains Never Rust for Large Dogs with Patent Lock and Four Wheels. Their canines tooth feels safe and secure in their cage, and a crate of his own to call home can give your pooch the same level of comfort, regardless of his age. It made from rust and corrosion-resistant steel, strong and durable, hard to be damaged, nontoxic finished surface keep your dog health and render excellent anti-rust ability, suitable for most medium and large dogs,two locks with the safety buckles to prevent the dogs from opening the door and escaping. 

It’s also a good ideal for taking along on a road trip to keep him safe and comfortable in a hotel, friend’s home or other unfamiliar location. All hardware pack included, just need to fit it with four wheels and eight screw bolts, locks were pre-assembled, Just takes 3-5 minutes to complete. The collapsible design makes it simple to set up in seconds and a cinch to fold and store, whenever needed. It is very easy to clean like removable (slide-out) plastic tray helps you to catch the fallen dog food and excrement, and allows you to wipe and clean easily. It is designed to double door and locking caster. The front door is suitable for the pet in and out, the top door also can be opened for you interacting with your dog. 360 degree rotated locking casters can help you to move crate anywhere easily and lock the wheels to keep the crate in place. High tensile-strength, steel wire is formed and welded for strength and durability, and then electro-coated for rust, corrosion and fade resistance. You need clean routinely with a mild, non-toxic cleaner and water.

There are many sizes for choosing : 38”roof (209,99 dollars), 42 in stainless steel(349,99 dollars) , 42”roof (249,99 dollars), 3x3” (9,99 dollars).



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