Dog is always the best friend of people

Dog lives a live with people long-ago and he becomes soulmate friend of us, so why? Because they have a good nature unable replace by anything.

1. Loyal, worship their master

Despite of what we are, weath and poverty, sickness or healthy, when they regard us as their master they will spend his whole life by our side. If unluckily we foget to take them shower,feed them or maybe maltreat them sometime. They just be silent without getting furious or barked their master. In many case, when master die we can look they sit flat on the ground next master's tomb, waiting for turned back something in memorable place, their face so sad. I guess that deep in their unconscious they stil believe in coming back owner, master's absentation is temporary, it's should be a punishment.

2. Dog has unlimited loving toward their master

Dog's brain produces oxytocin hormone like people when they pampered by their own master. We can say that they prefer their owner than themself. Morever, they also tobe jealous when their master fondle other dog, they will make a fuss about master and that dog. 

3. They get brave

It is looks like dog get self-respect when they look a formidable opponent robs their food or bone they rush in opponent to strggle as a combatant. There are many case dog saves their master from drowning, fire or protect people from ferocious animal as tiger, rabid dog, wolf. A great quality isn't it ? it is show us not only dog is our pet, a pet we can touch, can embrace everytime but also is loyal protector.

4. Dog is always the best friend of people

In many development country, people has a high awareness about animal behave. There are many organization established to help homeless dog, maltreated. there are so many people spend a mount of their money to contribute to those organization.

Because, Dog is always the best friend of people.


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