Do you bathe your dog properly?

For healthy dogs, bathing them daily is a waste. Because regular bathing for dogs will cause their fur to become lifeless, cause dry skin, or may be more serious than skin damage. However, it is impossible to leave bathing or cleaning through the speaker so we have to be wise to control the bath time for pets, this is an important thing to note.

We should only shower when the dog has the following symptoms:

- On the hair with lots of dirt, mucus, strange substance on the fur, the fur back.

- During the epilation of animals, remove the dead hair layer that remains on the new cilia.

- Pet sebum speeds up excretion.

- On the new skin layer, there are white scales, formed from the dead skin on the new skin.

- When pet skin is infected.

Dog bathing also needs to pay attention to the weather. You should bath your dog on warm days, not bathing in the late afternoons or sunshine. Because it will make their hair difficult to dry completely, it may cause future pathological conditions that are not worth it.

We should not give pets a bath when:

- The pet has eaten after 2 hours.

- The weather is in the cold season (the time of changing the monsoon in the North, or when the outdoor temperature falls below 18 ℃).

- Puppies are still in the stage of needing breast milk or leaving the mother.

- Pets have signs of being sick, are sick.

- Male dogs are in the estrus period, preparing to breed. Because bathing for dogs during this period will have a characteristic odor reduction, making them not sexually excited when mating.

- After 15 days of mating, pets should not be bathed during this time.

- New mother dog gives birth.

- New bought puppy.

- The new dogs vaccinated against diseases, do not wash.

After determining the appropriate bath time for dogs, we should carefully choose the type of shower gel that is suitable for our pet. You can buy it at pet stores and pet stores.How to use a dog shower gel?

Before using the dog's shower gel, you should groom your dog's fur to remove loose hair, dead hair and untangle the hair. After that, put your pet in a bath or sink that has been measured from 7 to 10 centimeters of warm water.

Use earplugs, earplugs, or earplugs to cover your dog's ears, so when bathing, avoid getting water in your ears. Using a shower hose to wet your dog's hair, keep in mind that the water pressure should only be moderate and gentle. If there is no nozzle, use a plastic case, large plastic bottle to wet bath slowly for the dog.

Pour the dog oil into the palm of your hand, gently rub your dog's hair and gently massage from head to tail, repeatable depending on you. Use a towel, dry your dog whole or you can use a dryer to speed up the drying process.

In addition, after bathing, if your pet has unusual symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite, body trembling, ... we should take them to the veterinary hospital for examination.


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