DIDOG Dog Bite Sleeves Tugs Reviews

DIDOG dog bite sleeves tugs for young dogs work dog puppy training playing, fit pit bull German shepherd mastiff, professional intermediate for both left and right hand.


This product is designed for puppies bite training or better used for dogs entry level or a higher level training. It is slightly flattened and more conducive to the size of the puppies mouth. The long sleeve protect most of your arms from dog`s teeth or muzzle strike. This is a premium quality item. Just right for starting-out younger puppies, or even as an addition to general play items for older dogs.

1: With this interactive dog training tool you can use it to training puppy pets or interactive training with Police K9, German sherperd puppies.

2: Soft plastic handle and sturdy nylon lanyard make it easy to carry and store.

Durable and sturdy dog arm sleeves for training work dog

Dog bite sleeves tugs made of strong jute outer layer ( jute foam), thick foam inner layer and inside foam cover handle, helpful for arm in and out even wearing thick clothes, provides the necessary support and protection from hard bites.

It was designed with strong steel handle inside which helps holding the sleeve steady against dog bitting.

Outer layer is jute/linen braided fabric which is more durable than cotton bleding fabric, interlayer is thick and soft pad which is useful to buffer dog’s biting and impact. Thicker texture linen durable for young and adult dog bitting and protect the arm well.

There are 2 handles outside the bite sleeve, fit for different pull, the end of the sleeve is sealed with stitched cover in case of dog's teeth huting by accident, the cover is not too thick, to keep the sleeve ventilated in hot weather training.

The inside handle is engineering plastic with soft and anti-slip handle coating, nylon belt and double stitching which is stronger but lighter than steel handle for holding the whole sleeve for heavy duty biting training.

The inner sleeve should be used together with outer biting part during training, also the outer biting part can be used separetly like a biting tug; The biting part is double connected on the sleeve.


Length x Width: 19.3*11.8"(49*30cm), fit Police K9, German Sherperd Puppies and so on.


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