DGAIER Mini Pet Automatic Ball Launcher Toy Reviews

DGAIER Mini pet automatic ball launcher toy, dog treat food launcher thrower interactive tennis ball throwing machine for cats and dogs, training rewards interactive puppy brain dog fetch toy.

What is this machine used for?

This is a reward machine, you can throw the ball far away, then the dog will put the ball back into the reward machine, and the machine will reward the food to the dog. Enjoy a great time with your dogs. By placing the tennis ball (included) in the opening on top, the hatch will automatically open and provides a reward for your dog.

Why you should choose this machine?

A good machine in brain training. This game is perfect for allowing your dog's brain to become interactive and training themselves to understand the fetch, treat scenario. Even if you are very busy, it can help your pet stay healthy and energetic, relieve stress. Besides, this dog toy features multiple motion and safety sensors to detect and protect people or pets; a front motion sensor protects dogs and people standing in front of the launch area. No need for electricity, automatic feeding, interactive toys, your dog will like it very much.

Taking up no space, Easy to place indoors or outdoors, suitable for free corners. Your dog will like it very much. Size is in 300*180*200mm, 6cm elastic tennis ball, suitable for pet bites of different ages, with a removable physical disk on both sides. It is very easy to use, getting the ball is the dog's favorite game. The innovative design allows your dog to play this game by themselves, all they need to do is fetch the ball and drop it back into the console to receive a treat. Once the ball is dropped back into the console, it triggers a treat of your choice to be released and the ball will be rolled from the console to start the game all over again. This launcher is designed to promote brain development of dog and cat, based on the pet's superior sense of smell and good habits. Ideal for using in various places, such as living room, kitchen, and garden.

This machine helps your dog have better eating habits. It effectively prevents your pet from eating too fast, promoting digestion and keeping your pet's body and mind healthy. The big funnel in the top which is convenient for your dogs to put the ball in the machine. High-quality security odor-free plastic make sure it is safe and healthy as dogs feeder, fun for dogs of all ages. It can be used both indoor and outdoors to entertain and exercise your pet. Even if you are not at home, dogs can play on their own.                                                                                                       

Please note: This is just a reward machine, which can't shoot the ball very far. You can join and play games with your dog. Throw the ball far away, let your dog pick it up and put it in the machine, and the machine will reward a little food.


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