Corgi - History of English famous dogs

The Corgi (also known as the Corgi Welsh) is the cutest in the world. They come from Wales, England. Corgi leads the list of the most popular breeds in the world


The Corgi has been around for a long time. It is estimated that they began to appear around 3000 years ago in Wales, England. There are quite a few hypotheses about the ancestors of the Corgi breed. But most likely, they are probably derived from the Vallhunds (a breed of Swedish dwarfs).

Corgi for thousands of years has been used for the main purpose of cattle dogs and hunting dogs. The advantage of this breed is its short legs, its long but extremely agile. That makes it easy for them to avoid the kicks of some large cattle. At the same time, the barking of the extremely powerful Corgi, which could frighten the cattle, terrified them.

Since the 16th century - when Europe and England flourished, Corgi dogs are no longer used to raise livestock but instead are raised as pets in households. They gradually became popular in Europe. Favorite by the British royal families was during the time of Queen Elizabeth II.

Corgi classification

At first, short-legged dogs Corgi had only one type called Welsh Corgi. But after a while, there were many new breeds of dogs introduced into Wales. Corgi started mating with them and came up with a new branch of Corgi called Pembroke Welsh Corgi (briefly called Pembroke Corgi). And the ancient Corgi breed is known by the other name Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Pembroke Corgi is leading the group of most popular dogs in the world. They have a rather funny appearance with a big fictitious heart-shaped butt. Pembroke's popularity is much higher than his cousin Cardigan Corgi. Cardigan Dog now the number is not much.

Pembroke Corgi is also known as the Corgi breed of Queen Elizabeth II. At the same time, it is considered the noble dog line of England.

Appearance characteristics

Height- Weight

Pembroke Corgi: height is about 25 - 30cm and weighs 9 - 13kg. This breed will grow to full size, the standard weight at 9 months of age. However, Pembroke is quite greedy, so it is easy to be obese. Their weight can be up to 20kg if you feed too much without regular exercise.

Cardian Corgi: This dog is a little bit bigger than Pembroke. Height is about 30 - 35cm and weighs 12 - 15kg (Corgi usually doesn't have much difference between male and female). Like Pembroke, Cardigan is easily obese. You should pay more attention to their diet and exercise regime.


The purebred Corgi breed has a general body characteristic that is long and 4 feet short. Unlike other breeds, the shorter the Corgi leg, the longer the body is. Accordingly, the Corgi uncle whose chest is close to the ground will be very high. And even though the body is somewhat fictitious and unbalanced, those Corgi are always hunted enthusiastically.

Corgi dogs have long bodies and 4 short legs

The first part

Short-legged Corgi dog has triangle-shaped ears, erect. The ears and face have a balanced ratio. The corgi snout is quite long and sharp, the eyes are large, the mouth and jaw are small but extremely sharp. On the whole, their faces looked quite like foxes, so many places called this breed were Foxy Dog.


This is the most important feature to distinguish between Pembroke and Cardigan. While Pembroke has a tailless tail, Cardigan has a rather long tail. Normally, when Pem notes are born, they have short tails, if they are too long, they will be cut off when they are 2 - 5 days old. According to the American AKC Association, the tail of the Pem dog is standard when it is shorter than 5cm.


The Corgi dog's coat is quite similar in structure to the Samoyed, Alaska and Husky snow dogs with long, thick and 2-layer feathers. The soft, thin, thin, soft coat acts to retain heat, helping Corgi to withstand the cold climate of Wales. The outer coat is thicker and longer, especially waterproof, making it convenient for Corgi to move under frosty weather.

Corgi fur color is quite diverse. Corgi has 2 layer thick fur coat.

Corgi's coat color is not really diverse. However, both breeds have a common feature: the muzzle, chest and 4 legs are white:

For Pembroke Corgi: the common color is orange - white, yellow - white, more rarely is black - white, brown - white, sepia - black - white.

For Cardigan Corgi dogs: the common color is speckled brown, black, blue bird, black and light yellow brown, Sabel and red mink coat or a few more white spots.

Corgi tend to shed outer coat in late spring - early summer and start to regrow in the fall. In theory, that is, but when the Corgi grows in Vietnam - where the climate is hot and sunny, they often lose their hair all year round, especially in the hot summer.


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