Controlling pug meals to prevent It will be fat

Pug breeds are very lazy dogs so the owners should pay attention not to let them eat too much.

However, Pug dog diets should also ensure protein intake from 20-25% daily. You should pay attention to feeding Pug and raising them according to the diet of each age. If you let them eat too much and don’t have any exercises, they will be fat and it can cause some issues about cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis. This review will offer to the owners some knowledge in controlling Pug meals

1.    How to feed Pug dog in the right way

With small Pugs from 2 months and under to weaning, you should divide their meals into 5 times a day and feed them with liquid food like porridge.

Pug dogs from 2 months - 4 months: Change the diet by feeding them 3 meals a day with porridge-based foods and the owners can add some mixed rice meals to make changes.

How to give Pug to grow up: At this time their day with 2 meals for the big Pug is enough.

2.    Caring about Pug meals

Arrange a diet and a reasonable, scientific diet for Pug dogs.

Taking care of Pug properly and scientifically is that when Pug has finished eating, the leftover food should only be kept for about half an hour so it should be dumped, leaving too long will make these foods rancid and if Pug eats that food, it will be sick immediately. To maintain Pug’s health, you should feed them some essential ingredients including lean pork, chicken or fish, beef.

You can also feed Pug foods made from animal organs such as heart, lungs, heart, liver, etc. Also remember to provide fiber, vitamins, and starch to Pug through foods like rice and vegetables. Besides, fat is also an essential substance for Pug's body to maintain its silky coat but needs a clear dose because much fat will make Pug uncle prone to obesity.

It should be noted that the amount of food for Pug dogs also depends on body weight and its dynamism. If your house Pug is active and often practices, you should give them a lot of food to get energy but to fly all day long, and for lazy friends, you should limit and reduce the ration to avoid obese. After eating, the Pug should be mobilized to avoid obesity. 

3.    Taking care of Pug health

Mini pug dogs with heat and cold resistance are very poor. Hot weather in Vietnam will cause them to suffer from thermal shock if played outside or will catch a cold if it gets wet. Therefore, in order to be healthy, you should let them play indoors in the summer and let them play outside in the early morning or late afternoon. In winter, you should actively wear more warm clothes for pug dogs to avoid exposing them to cold air. With their characteristic short hairs, you don't need them to bathe too much. However, after each bath, you need to dry your hair quickly to avoid a cold.

The characteristics of pug dogs are many wrinkles, especially in the face so you need to regularly clean those wrinkled areas so that they avoid skin infections. Regularly checking the ears, eyes, nose and, most importantly, gum teeth, as they tend to have dental problems, need to be cleaned regularly.


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