Choosing the right food for each period of pitbull

Pitbull dog is the current favorite dog of the family to choose to be a small family member. In addition to being "aggressive", Pitbull is still considered a loyal, friendly dog. Raising Pitbull dogs in the family so that the dog is still provided with adequate nutrients and health. Here, take a look at the 6 foods for Pitbull in each period of development.

1. At birth until 30 days old 

At this time, breastmilk is the most important food for Pitbull dogs, at this period it is necessary to keep the dog warm so that the dog can adapt to the outside environment. 

From the 15th onwards, practice giving dogs more stomped milk. From the 21st episode, the dog will eat the meat and porridge, and from the 30th day, the amount of meat in porridge will increase. 

2. From 30 days to 60 days old 

At this period, after giving up the meat in the porridge, Pitbull has to eat more granular food, however, the dried grain must be soaked with soft milk. 

The owners should regularly feed dogs 4-5 times, the number of moderate feeding, not too much because the food after soaking milk can only be used in a short time. 

3. From 60 days to 150 days 

At this period, Pitbull children have quite sturdy bodies. So feeding should be given from 5 to 6 wrong meals to provide energy for body development for puppies. 

In addition, calcium should be added to make bones stronger. Therefore, it is necessary to choose foods high in calcium to make this process perfect. 

4. From 150 days old 

From the 150-day-old period, Pitbull dogs became more rigid. Restricting meals to 3-4 meals is fine but still, have to continue to load calcium from dog food. 

5. From 160 days old

 At this period, you can feed your dog beef, eat more organs, duck eggs to provide protein. Maintain from 3-4 meals a day. In addition, dogs can be nibbled on beef bones and pig bones to increase bite force and develop jaw muscles. 

Note, do not choose small bones like chicken because it will make the choke on a bone. 

6. From 180 days of age 

At this period, the dog's digestive system is stable, increasing the amount of beef is necessary. Instead of beef, you can feed your dog fresh pork at a frequency of 2 meals/day. 

In addition, the appearance of chicken or duck necks is also an indispensable food in the menu for Pitbull dogs. This food helps to firm your dog's body. However, do not forget to supplement calcium for dogs!


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