Choosing right clothes for dog in season

Choosing right clothes for dog is not as easy as we think.

In addition to purchasing suitable dog clothes based on body size, weight, and color, the weather is also an extremely important factor. So, when the owners choose clothes for a dog, they should care about this issue:

1.    Choosing the right clothes for dog in summer

It is best to choose thin or mesh fabric sets. It could be a three-hole shirt or a skirt. This form of design ensures coolness and comfort for dogs. Moreover, it doesn’t obstruct them when moving, playing, protecting hair and skin, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight from the environment.

In summer, you should give your pet a gentle movement. Avoid moving when the weather is too hot can cause heat shock. At the same time, provide adequate water to bring pets the best health.

2.    Choosing the right clothes for dog in winter

Many owners think that pets are not cold because they have thick fur. The coat has the effect of keeping the heat for the body, but with the temperature as low as winter, you need to buy more clothes for them. In the winter, the puppies often appear to be ruffled, lying on one spot,... These are direct signs that our friends are cold. Plus, lying on the ground makes them more susceptible to pneumonia, colds, coughs ... This is very dangerous for many animals to suffer from physical weakness when they are cold for too long. Thus, you should choose clothes made of wool, felt or thick cotton. These materials also make it easier to clean. Also, buy a mattress, carpet or bed for pets that feel warmer when sleeping and resting.

In addition, outdoor activities should be strengthened so that pets can exercise more. Promotes blood circulation and warms the body. Maintain the mobility and movement of joint bones to avoid the dangers of disease in the coming winter.

3.    How to choose the size of dog clothes

To choose the best pet clothes size you first need to measure the size indicators. A tape measure will help you accomplish this quickly. Very simple and extremely easy to know your dog's body measurements. First, you calculate the circumference of the necklace, then measure from the neck to the feet. Remember these indicators and choose the size as the last step. Usually, cat and dog clothes are divided into sizes: XS - S - M - L - XL.

Size XS: usually used for small cute dogs. With neck circumference 18 - 22cm, foot length 20cm.

Size S: suitable for small breed dogs from 4 - 6kg. With a circumference of 22 - 26cm, a foot length of 14cm.

Size M: suitable for pets weighing between 6 and 10kg. The neck circumference is 25 - 30cm, the length is 28cm.

Size L: suitable for large dogs weighing 10-12kg. The neck circumference is 29 - 35cm, leg length is 32cm.

Size XL: for big dogs from 18kg upwards. The neck circumference is 60 - 66cm, the length is 48cm.


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