Chihuahua - The world's smallest dog

The "charm" of Chihuahua breeds (or Chiwawa, Kiwawa) lies in its small size, gentle personality, variety of types, sizes and colors. Chihuahuas are small, but have all the qualities of a "premium" pet breed, have enough health and agility to compete in sports or dog contests, are smart and easy to train. training. For these reasons, Chihuahua is among the top 10 recommended breeds for pets in the United States.


There are 2 popular chihuahua breeds in the world: short-haired chihuahua and long-haired chihuahua. These two varieties basically do not have much difference apart from the length of the coat. In Vietnam, the most popular cultivars are short-haired hybrids because they are easier to breed and do not take much grooming.

The name of the chihuahua is named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua, where adventurers first discovered the breed. Chihuahuas are famous for being the smallest breed in the world, with a size of only 13 - 23cm and weighing between 1 and 3kg as adults.

The most expensive and rare chihuahuas are <12cm tall, and weigh less than 1.3kg. Although small in size, chihuahuas are very healthy, have low morbidity and have a very high life expectancy, ranging from 10 to 18 years depending on care and living conditions.


Chihuahua puppies have very strong personalities, they are very playful, active and always like to be cared and cared for. Because they like to be caressed and cuddled by their owners, the children of Chihuahua often follow their owners everywhere in the house, even when going out and shopping, they often ask to follow.

Chihuahuas tend to have a very close connection with a single owner in their life, making it difficult for a chihuahua to change hands when growing up. So if you intend to raise 1 chihuahua, you should choose a dog. And if not for unwilling reasons, you should not sell 1 chihuahua who has been with her for a long time.

Besides being faithful and close, the chihuahua is a very bright "student". They can learn very quickly basic commands by gestures and words.

Chihuahuas are very good watchdogs, they are always very alert and bark when strangers enter the house. They can also become very aggressive and bite if strangers appear unkind. For other pets, chihuahuas tend to forget that they are very small and often present challenges to larger dogs, which can become an unpredictable disaster for them. So in training, you should include teaching them how to communicate with people and with other more friendly pets.

Attention when raising a Chihuahua

With the smallest size in the world, Chihuahua is especially suitable for living in small rooms or apartments. However, small size plus boldness and curiosity can cause a lot of trouble. They can hide out with small holes that no other dog can fit into.

Chihuahuas are "small but martial", they have very sharp teeth as a defensive weapon to compensate for their small size, and can bite back children when cheated. Therefore, families with children under 8 should not keep this breed for safety, also to ensure the "whole life" for Chihuahua children because they are "fragile". Unintentional actions of children can cause very dangerous injuries.

Training chihuahua is not difficult and time consuming, but you need to be gentle. They can be very stubborn if you often scold. The compliments, strokes and a little reward for completing the task will make them listen to you and love you more.


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