Chicken Wrap Knotted Bones Reviews

Pet cuisine chicken wrap knotted bones is a great food for dog. Chewing bone are a great way to help dog effectively removes tartar build-up and plaque, strengthens gums and jaws. Chicken wrap knotted bones is full of protein to supplement more necessary nutrition for dog.

Healthy food for dog

Chewing is the nature of dogs, you should provide your dog something that is both food and practice chewing jaw. It was great because I found this product, chicken wrap knotted bones achieve both of these standards. I used to provide him many types of bones but I found this one to be the best product for him.

This chicken wrap knotted bones made from real chicken, natural and healthy ingredient include high protein chicken and premium rawhide, its main ingredients, high protein low fat, easy to digest, professional strict inspection by FDA&USDA, without any preservatives, artificial flavors or chemicals. It does not any additives or artificial ingredients, this is the treats you give your dog is safe and healthy.

Composition:  Chicken 21%, Rawhide 77%, Vegetable glycerine, Sodium chloride Composition analysis: Crude Protein 72%, Crude Fat 4. 0%, Crude Fiber 1.2%, Crude Ash 4.0%, Moisture 16% .

Chicken wrap knotted bones keep your dog busy, these bones can last for a few hours, which helps maintain a healthy oral and immune system when dog chewing. Your dog can be long-lasting chew and easy digest, riched in collagen, this food is great for any dogs who like to chew. The chicken is hand-wrapped, nice and thick to keeps dog occupied busy, premium rawhide riched in collagen. Your dog feels great to be enjoying its’ yummy flavor. This is the high-quality foods which brings health and happiness for you and your dog. Each chicken knotted bones is handpicked and inspected to ensure quality and perfect consistency, without any added hormones or antibiotics, preservatives or chemicals, resulting in a healthier and better-tasting treat. This product does not contain artificial colors flavors, additives or artificial ingredients, without grains, wheat, corn, or soy, no coloring or flavors. It is suitable for large or medium dogs.

My puppy seems very interested in this food, he is even able to chew for an hour without getting bored. so I saved a lot of time to do my job instead of having to enjoy himself.

Packing: 4 pieces bones in a bag, Weight: 11 oz and remember to always supervise while feeding and provide plenty of fresh drinking water.


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