Care - the dangerous disease of dogs

Care is the most dangerous disease of dog which the owners should prevent it far away from your pet. This review will offer to you some essential knowledge about these diseases:

1.    What is virus care:      

Virus Care in sick dogs will go into the environment through outbreaks and it can spread in the air. Other animals infected with Care virus will become intermediaries for disease transmission. When a dog comes into contact with the virus in the stool, urine, air or through an intermediary, the virus will enter the dog's body. From here they cause disease symptoms for your dog.

Care is a very common disease in dogs and pet dogs. The main reason is that these two dogs have poor resistance. Moreover, if the mother dog is sick with Care, the puppy will also get the Care virus through milk or air. So this is a common disease, but very difficult to cure.

2. The symptoms when dogs get virus care

The symptoms happen to depend on the period. If the dog has end-of-life care, there will be more severe symptoms than the stage of illness. Some symptoms are:

If a dog gets virus Care, it will defecate with blood. Stool color will change in each period of sickness. Dog defecate frequently and uncontrolled so that these are the main causes of dehydration and death. Normally, in the second stage, the stool will be very hard and dry. But stage 3 and the final stage will be almost water. The reason for this is that the Care Virus damages the digestive system. Directly affects the large intestine, which absorbs water in the stool.

Dogs with the runny nose are blue. Then they will breathe harder, wheeze.

Dog’s eyes will be cloudy, care should be taken to distinguish between Care and cataract. In addition, there will be signs of mucositis. So, when the dogs get sick, they can be blind.

Red spots appear on the skin. These are nodules, so Care is also known as feverish fever.

There may be seizures. Virus Care affects the nervous system, sometimes causing serious consequences, even if cured. Dogs with neuropathy can be left behind when they are cured.

3. How to treat the Care disease

Care disease currently has no specific drug. Therefore, take them to the prestigious Veterinary Hospital for treatment. If there are other dogs in the house, immediately isolate them. Avoid letting you turn into a vector for transmission between dogs.

Usually, getting sick with Dog will lose water very much. Transfer electrolyte water to Odozol and Glucose 5% to supplement water. Should be given, not given to the patient. Regularly inject the dose according to the size of the dog.

At a veterinary hospital, it is possible that your doctor will give you antibiotics. Some common anti-bacterial antibiotics used are: Amoxi 15% LA, Vime-Tobra, Vimexyson C.O.D, Spectylo, Lincocin 10%, ...

In addition, they also need to be supplemented with nutrients. Commonly added substances include vitamin B or C, also Fortified, Atropin, Paravent, and Na.campho complexes, etc.


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