Calcium is essential for dogs

Today, dogs have become an indispensable friend and relative with us. Not just another pet, but a more important part of life. Therefore, the health of puppies is remarkable and attentive, as well as the care necessary for them to grow healthy. Let's learn about the benefits of calcium supplementation for dogs!

Why do we have to supplement calcium for dogs?

Calcium is an essential mineral not only for people but also for animals. Calcium is an indispensable substance in the process of bones and teeth forming, if the body is deficient in calcium, it will cause bad conditions to your pet dogs.

Normally, the amount of calcium in your dog's daily diet already contains calcium from the diet, but the calcium in the daily diet is slightly lower. Nearly not enough calcium to supply to your dog.

Did you know, dog's calcium requirement is 4 times that of humans? Therefore, in addition to the amount of calcium available in the daily food supply, we have to supplement the dog, especially with some big dogs like becgie, labrabor, pitbull, alaska, ...

These manifestations when dogs are deficient in calcium

As we know, calcium is an indispensable substance for healthy bones and teeth. With puppy breeds in the early stages of life, calcium is essential for them to develop a healthy overall.

Calcium deficiency in dogs will often show the following symptoms:

- Dog's legs tend to depress you, or have been lowered:

What is the goal? The dog with the lower table will walk on the whole foot, while the healthy dog ​​will have the generals walking on the toes, straight legs, gentle and elegant feet, ... For calcium-deficient dogs, the legs will weaken. then the general goes down, unsteady. The dog can be heavy, the legs will have a slightly curved shape due to the development of deflection, the instep of the instep falls to the ground.

- Teeth dropped in favor:

Dogs with a lack of calcium, in the teeth that have incisors and incisors, are not finished, the r8ang can only sprout through the gums, the rest are falling in, the teeth are sparse and weak, always shaken; comparable to that of human teeth disease. Of course, you also have to consider the stage of the baby's milk teeth that have fully grown.

- Shrinking of the muscles and joints of pain, walking limply, heavier is paralysis of the legs:

With this condition, the dog's condition is too heavy, it is difficult to return to the initial state no matter how urgent an emergency or comprehensive treatment is. Puppies on this condition will move with difficulty, the legs hop on the trigger, the body always lingers in one place, the muscles with shrinkage of pain cannot walk. After treatment, there is often a loss of curvature in the legs and legs; in the breeding stage is also limited

- Easy to get sick:

Lack of calcium not only affects dogs' teeth and bones but partly affects resistance, makes dogs more susceptible to flu, high fever needs to go to the veterinary hospital promptly. You can use antipyretics for dogs sold at pharmacies.

- Sparse hairs, hairless, lose a lot:

Deficiency in calcium also causes hair loss, which makes the coat smoother. The hairs are loose, loose and sparse, we can also notice the hairs around the eye, forehead, and back areas, which are the most obvious parts.

This situation leads to parasites on the fur skin of the dog threshing. Therefore, you should prepare dog sprays to kill parasites on the skin, ensure your pet's health and safety.

Calcium supplement regime for dogs and things to note

You can provide calcium for dogs in the following ways:

- From natural food.

Available in nature, very easy to find and save costs. Natural foods help supplement calcium for dogs such as copper crabs, fish shrimps, eggshells and bones, ... The best calcium supplement food is duck eggs.

When using this natural food you should carefully observe whether their digestibility is good or not. Because, neglecting pet food can cause digestive diseases, worse, they will get roundworms in dogs, now you need to prevent dog roundworm treatment to ensure health for puppies.

- From calcium pills for dogs.

If you need urgent calcium supplementation, you should use this medicine. There are many different types of liquid in the market, so you can choose the right one for your dog.

- From pellets.

In pellets, certain types of calcium are available in each stage.

- From milk

Uncooked calcium is large and easily absorbed, milk is also a major source of calcium supplements for puppies during infancy until separated from the mother. Milk should be added to the dog's daily menu, usually goat milk takes precedence over cow's milk because it is easily digested and absorbed.

Measures for dogs not to be calcium deficient

Never let dogs eat too much. Always let your dog be mobilized under natural light, especially in the range from 7a.m to 10a.m. Only natural light helps the body of dogs completely absorb canxium from food, drinking water.

That the reason why farm dogs are always healthier than city dogs, so they are free and happy.


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